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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ann & Leah Do it Again!

I have some fun cards to show you that were done by Ann and Leah Thursday evening at Stamp Till You Cramp. Though there wasn't much stampin' going on here! Most of the card is made using stickers and decorative papers. Both of which I love to use, it makes whipping up a card a snap!

Oh, don't get me wrong. I still love an all stamped card too. Especially one with LOTS of layers and one that requires coloring! But for a quick card, stickers and decorative paper is the way to go.

When looking at these cards I can see the fun the gals had in making them. Your happiness with a card actually does reflect on the card.

Leah was making graduation cards while Ann was making baby cards.

The middle card shown here was the one we used the Cricut on to make the "Class of 2010." I love my Cricut but have not used it much. I had gotten it for Christmas with the intent of scrapbooking with it. I've done two pages using it. I just have too many other projects going on that I can't seem to squeeze in any time for scrapbooking. Hopefully this fall when things slow down again I will be able to make time. I LOVE spring (but not as much as winter) and along with spring comes a LOT of work. Windows need to be cleaned along with cupboards and closets. Plus lots of outdoor work too. I'd rather shovel snow! There is actually less work to do in the winter than in the spring. SO I have to find time to squeeze all of that in too! But somehow I manage to do it and I'm hoping I can manage to get some scrapbooking time in too!

Now onto Ann's cards. Once again these cute little images are stickers and they are absolutely adorable! Ann did so some stamping on these with the words in the bottom corners.

She also stamped on the inside but I forgot to take a photo of it. Oh and she ALWAYS stamps on the envelopes. She is the one who encouraged me to stamp on my envelopes. "It's all a part of the presentation." Right Ann? It does dress up the envelope and make the card look even more inviting to open! Aren't these baby cards just adorable?

Thank you Ann and Leah for allowing me to share your wonderful cards on my blog for the world to see!

Just a quick note here regarding my blog. I'm getting close to the one million hits mark. I, of course, will be posting some wonderful blog candy. I can only guess that it will probably be by the end of the month that my blog will reach one million hits. It's SO exciting!

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Thanks a MILLION!

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