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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Notebooks! Notebooks! Notebooks!

I'm posting a bit late tonight. My day was SO busy and it just got away from me!

I have been altering a lot of notebooks lately. Maybe that is because I had purchased a TON of them WAY back and packed them away. And in cleaning out things I found them and thought I'd better work on them. I certainly didn't want to store them away again. I actually forget I have them and there have been times I've even purchased more because I thought they were new and cool! LOL Pretty scary, huh? LOL

Anyway, I found these in a box marked "Alter" so I did! I had a LOT of fun doing it too. I am SO into that Stampin' Up! Sizzix Daisy's #2 die. The smallest flower on the die is my favorite and I've used it a TON. And I LOVE how these things just never seem to get dull either. I have cut so many flowers out that I would think the die wouldn't cut anymore but each flower is as sharp as the last one! Oh and I've even cut aluminum with this die too! I have SO much fun with all of my dies and I have quite a collection!

This notebook was simple to alter. I added some "Shades of Spring" designer paper from the latest mini catalog. I ran out and fortunately this mini goes on through the end of the month so I'll have time to get another pack! I left the edges alone on the notebook. I had altered one a week ago or so and used white "Duck Tape" (the package actually reads "duck tape") and it was hard to work with and it didn't look very nice on the notebook. SO I thought I would find decorative paper that would match the edges enough and go with that. And I did!

The word "Notes" is from the retired "Note to Self" set that I will probably keep forever! It's perfect for these notebooks and other ones I make!

These little notebooks are only 2-1/2" x 3" all closed up and what is SO cool about them too is they are held shut magnetically. I LOVE that in a notebook I'm going to toss in my purse. Nothing like having a notebook in your purse and page corners all curled because of being juggled around in the purse.

Isn't it amazing how you can take a few small pieces of decorative paper or even scraps and turn it into a work of art? It sure did dress up this little notebook, didn't it?

Go alter something! It's fun to see it change before your very eyes! I have more to alter. This was one of those "new and cool" things I had to buy (again) so I'm going to alter some for the fall craft fair I will be participating in. Plus I want to save out a few for gifts too!

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Teresa Kline said...

this is so very adorable, great job!

enjoy *~*

CM2 said...

Chuckling, I actually have one of these notebooks, now I wish I had picked up more when they were on sale! :-) Definitely saving this one! Thanks! Also thanks for taking the time to share and send the holder! CM2

Cherie said...

Love your altered notebooks, and refer to them frequently when I need a quick little gift idea! TFS!