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Friday, April 09, 2010

Sweet Pea Digital Download

I downloaded the Stampin' Up! "Sweet Pea" package. I just LOVED all the papers in it and the flowers. It was one of those downloads I just HAD to have. So I downloaded it and it sat in a folder on my computer. NOT a good place for it. What good is it if it just sits there?

I started looking at each of the images in the package and was more thrilled with each one I opened. I had to print out a few just to see if they were as pretty on paper as they were on the screen. I found that 30# copier paper worked best for the printing. It made it look and feel more like decorative paper. It wasn't too thick like card stock would be, it was just right.

SO those printouts sat on my worktable for a few days. I'd look at them as I uncovered them a few times from the messes I make on my table. One end of the paper had a bend in it. Fortunately that part of the paper wasn't printed on and it did make me realize I should use the paper before it gets ruined.

I thought I would make a birthday card for my niece. It's such a pretty card, isn't it? Don't you just LOVE all of those butterflies? And this card has very little stamping on it too. I had thought about just stamping the words on without any layering but I thought it could use a little something in that bottom corner.

Actually this card doesn't have any stamping on it. The words were done on my computer. I had printed out a full page of them when I originally made it and I just punch from the page when I need one. Click on the card to get a closer view of it.

The image area printed out in an 8" x 8" square on my paper. It was perfect enough for a card plus some extra for layering or for another project. And you know me, I don't throw anything away so it will be used for another project or card!

These downloads aren't just for scrapbooking, you can use them for cards and other projects as well. And it's also nice that when you need one or a dozen you can just print them off and play right away! One of these days I will try these on scrapbooking stuff but for now I'm still working on cards and projects. I do very little scrapbooking but I have things lined up and more organized to start doing it soon.

Anyway, this was a fun and such a pretty card to make. Oh and it was SUPER quick too! And if you look at it you can see that the card could be used for other occasions/events other than a birthday.

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Sara Paschal said...

This DP is beaUTIFUL! Great job on your creation.