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Monday, October 27, 2008

Keep Your Pants On!!! Weekend Project

I was looking at some more of those cute Bag in a Box bags and I thought I would try to make some Scarecrow Pants using the new Stampin' Up! decorative papers.

You can find the instructions and a sample of the original bag by Stampin' With Di. And I wish I would have followed these instructions instead of the ones I did. These have step by step photos too. The one I had was just instructions and it was a bit confusing. I did tape mine on the inside of the box instead of the outside only because I didn't have pictures to follow!!! LOL

I added a few fun things to mine to make it look more like pants. First I added that black tapered strip in the front to separate the legs. Then I added strips of Creamy Caramel for the straw. The belt is made using a 1" piece of black card stock. I taped it around the top part of the bag. I made the buckle using a piece of Brushed Gold card stock and two square punches.

I cut two 7/8" pieces of the decorative paper for straps and I added two red buttons. It's pretty simple to make. Fill it with fun things such as candies or toys. I think this could even be used for Thanksgiving as well. You could get 2 holidays out of this one!!!

It was very fun to make and it really didn't take all that long to make either!!!

This item was made using Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made using Stampin' Up! products click here.

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Jen said...

SUPER darling!!! Love the straw sticking out and the gingham paper is FAB!!!
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You rocked this!

Anonymous said...

this is just great...with a quick change of paper you could have Santa's pants as well....I think i will give that a have inspired me this morning..thanks for sharing...Rebecca

LeAnne said...

What a great idea, Wanda!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the smile this morning Wanda...I needed that. Your project is just adorable. Your work is always so cute and done so neatly. Very, very creative. Love this share.

Melissa said...

Hahahahahaha! So cute!

Many Blessings,

Amy said...

That is just too cute! Very creative! Way to go!

Unknown said...

LOL, this is so cute done up in scarecrow bibs. I love it!

NeedsARibbon said...

Wow, love your take off on the box in a bag idea. Are you going to try for Santa also? Ooops, see someone already suggested that. Maybe a seasonal thing. Leprechan, bunny, may basket....

Also, thank you for sharing the website with the great visual tutorial. Fab...

Debby said...

What a cute and creative way to make scarecrow pants. Thanks for sharing.
angel hugs

CM2 said...

I originally thought Santa, too ... until I read your further down in your newsletter .. I see others had the same train of thought! As always you are one clever crafter! ^o^ CM2

Kelly said...

Oh this is cute! It made me laugh out loud!! Fun project!

krystalpurple said...

Love it! I was just thinking... What am I going to do for Thanksgiving for my friends and I think this will be great!

You're so creative! Thanks for sharing. Kristi