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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monster Soup!!! Weekend Project

I was shocked at how well the sky turned out on this can. I was hoping for a good effect but it was better than I expected. I was originally going to use the new Stampin' Up! "Frightful Fence" from the mini catalog but it was a bit too large for me to put the cat on top of it as I pictured it in my mind. SO I had to let my mind wander a bit. Now that is a scary thing in itself, just ask my DH!!! LOL

I LOVE using wheels and I also LOVE glossy card stock. SO I got out the new Stampin' Up! "Haunting" jumbo wheel and I was ready to play.

I took a piece of glossy card stock and wrapped it around the can to see how big I needed to cut it. After determining that I cut the card stock and ran the Embossing Buddy over it so I wouldn't get a lot of black embossing powder spot where I didn't want them. I didn't really think it would work on glossy card stock but I was willing to give it a try anyway. Much to my surprise it worked rather well. On the upper part of the sky where I had touched the card stock with my hands there was a large collection of embossing powder. The oils from my fingers had left some residue behind and the embossing powder just stuck to it. I used a paint brush and removed it. I heated up the black embossing powder and went back to my table to think some more.

A "Halloween" spectrum pad would have been an ideal thing and since there is no such thing I had to work out something on my own. SO I started with the ground. It was fall but it's only the end of October so the grass could be green. I didn't want to use brown, I wanted it to look a bit festive and not drab. SO I went with Old Olive. It was a dark enough of a green that didn't have that fresh spring or summer look to it. I applied it with a sponge going from left to right and then right to left. You want to do this in one long swipe so you don't get areas of concentrated ink. You can go over those areas and they will blend enough to look just fine. In the photo the ground looks more grey. The flash on the shiny card stock created that effect. It really is Old Olive and it REALLY does look nice!!!

My next color was Pumpkin Pie. Again I sponged the ink on from left to right and back again. I wasn't sure how far up to go with that color. I did know that I wanted the characters eyes to have a glow to them so I had thought about doing their eyes in a Green Galore but I figured once I ran across it with the Pumpkin Pie everyone would have brown eyes so I just left it alone. I decided I would go as far as the tops of the heads and then just added a couple more swipes of Pumpkin to the lower part of that area. I waned the part closer to the ground to be darker. I did this because I thought their eyes would stand out better and not look so orange. And again I was shocked, it worked!!!!

For the upper part of the sky I just sponged on Night of Navy. On the two upper layers I did run a bit of the color I was using over the other layer, just on the edges. I wanted the colors to blend and I didn't want a white strip between colors. I tried to keep away from the colored areas as much as possible because I didn't want to mute the effect I had created.

After I finished the Night of Navy I took a paper towel and wiped the card stock from left to right. Ink will bead up on embossing powder.

On the top of the can I used the Scallop punch and punched out a black piece. The orange piece was done using the Sizzix and the two scallop dies. I punched out a piece of Old Olive card stock using the 1-3/8" punch and Frankie came from the Stampin ' Up! set "Batty for You." I used the 1-1/4" punch on him. I had stamped those images from that set on a piece of white card stock last week when I was at Sue's for DIVA Day! I don't own that set and it was there and I was there and the rest is history!!! LOL

SO back to the can. I taped the creatures around the can using the Stampin' Up! Sticky Strip. Regular mono adhesive will not hold with this, especially when using glossy card stock. It's just too stiff of a card stock to hold. I ran two lines of on all edges. This is NOT coming off this can with out a struggle!!!! I also used a little Sticky Strip tape on the top of the can to affix Frankie. I don't think I would have needed to but the tape was there and I was there!!! I filled the can with candies but I didn't glue the lid on yet. I will glue it on with Crystal Effects. I use to use Super Glue but I had gotten too much of it on my fingers in the past and when I found out Crystal Effects will do the same job without the smell or danger of living with a can glued to my hand for a few days I thought I'd give it a try!!

Now for the can, it originally was a can of sliced black olives. I opened the can with the Euro can opener. Mine is from Pampered Chef and I'm sorry to say I bought it because I wanted to open cans this way for crafting, not for any other reason!!! But I've made and sold enough things to make it pay for itself so the guilt there is now gone!!!

You don't really need to add any more embellishments to this can. The effect of the embossing powder, inks and glossy paper are just enough. But if you really want to add more embellishments you could decorate the top more. It all depends on what you are going to use them for and who is going to get them.

These are VERY fun to make and with sponging the color on it makes them a quick project to do too. These would be great for Halloween Gifts, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Hostess Gifts, Stamp Camp, Make n Takes and Craft Fairs. Start saving those cans now!!!

This item was made using Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made using Stampin' Up! products click here.

I hope you are enjoying Halloween Week!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


NeedsARibbon said...

I am enjoying Halloween Week Wanda Style!!!

You can always make your own spectrum ink pad with spooky colors. They make blank ones, but then again, you need to have one at home, when you are ready to play :-)


Juanita said...

This is beautiful!

Elaine said...


That is SOOOO neat!!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, I, too, bought the Pampered Chef can opener just for this reason! I am also picky about the cans I buy so I can use them for this kind of project!! You are not alone!! Cool project, by the way!!


Debby said...

Wanda I love this. I have yet to get that wheel, I also love wheels. And your sponging is perfect. You did an awesome job!
Angel hugs

Sara Paschal said...

Wanda, this is so beautiful I so love what you can do with glossy card stock and some color. LOVE IT!