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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Faux Alligator Skin Technique Page

There is SO much to post this time of year that I get a little behind.

First I want to say that the DIVA Day event on Sunday was a blast. Sue is just SO good to us. She had 5 cards all ready for us to just sit and stamp and put together. NO cutting at all!!! Gotta LOVE that. It's such a treat to not have to cut any card stock. I can't say it enough, she's SO good to us!!!

One of the items to make was a cute little "Faux Alligator Skin" card. Oh and for each item we make she has all the information printed out on a sheet. It has materials and the how to. I LOVE that!!! And I LOVE the hands on with the techniques.

SO here is my next technique page. The "Faux Alligator Skin" technique! It's actually very easy to do and the results are fabulous!!!!

Cover the area you wish to have this texture on with the VersaMark pad. Pour embossing powder over the card stock. Take your bone folder and "draw" lines though the embossing powdered area. Uneven lines look more realistic. Shake off the crumbs and heat the embossing powder. Use as a background or background components.

Isn't it just a fabulous technique. You can use other colors too. Experiment and play, it's how you learn things!!! The pages are coming along as well as the remake on the first set of 20. I will create a special post when they are done and ready to sell! I know there are a lot of you waiting for these. I do ask that you be patient with me, I'm working on them plus other stamping things and the daily life things as they come along too!!! Those are the ones that slow up my stamping!!! UGH!!!!

Thank you SO very much for stopping by,

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