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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Smarties Fries!!! Weekend Project

I was out of town for a few days. Didn't know it did you??? I had pre-posted some items so I could take a short break and enjoy my time. We took a trip up to the north shore of Duluth. It was very fun, very windy and very cold at night!!! It was nice to get away and give my hands a break. The are beginning to feel the effects of the many years of crafting!! But they feel good now and I'm ready pick up where I left off before we left. I do have to say that I usually get inspired when I go up there but there didn't seem to be very much new stuff up there to get inspired by. But we did buy a LOT of beads while we were there!!!!

It's "Halloween Week"!!! My plan is to have a Halloween item to post each day for a week! It may be a 3-D project such as this one or a card but the theme will be Halloween!!! I'm leaning more towards the 3-D projects. There's lots of parties coming up and the 3-D stuff is more fun at a Halloween party than a card!!!

Now I must tell you, I have no idea where these ideas come from!!! And sometimes things like that are just best left alone!!!! LOL I had been thinking of the Halloween Fries box I made last year and how fun it was to do and the next thing I know I got the idea for the fries. I was going to use Sixlets but I couldn't find any at the store that weren't loose in the box they came in. Didn't they use to come in little cellophane "tubes?" Maybe they still do but I couldn't find any. I had some Smarties so I took the measurements from there and the rest is history!!!

And now you want to know how to make these, don't you??? And you know I'm going to tell you too!!! LOL

First you need the fry box. You can find the pattern by clicking here. I printed mine out on Pumpkin Pie card stock. I cut the box out and scored the lines. I then used the Stampin' Up! "Haunting" jumbo wheel with Basic Black ink. After I stamped the image on I glued the box together with tacky glue. I don't know if you can see it in the photo but I did glue my box wrong. The front flap sides should be on top over the back side flaps. I wasn't paying attention when I was doing the gluing. I set it aside to dry.

For the "fries" I took some Barely Banana card stock and cut it 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" I scored it on the shorter side at 1/2", 1", 1-1/2" and 2". Now run it through the paper crimper and then fold the score lines. Glue the smaller area of card stock. Make sure that part goes on the inside of the "fry." Once the glue is set up you can insert the candies. I did put the candies in so the twisted end was on the side of the fry and it didn't show. It's up to you how you want to display your candies. But you may want to leave one end showing so it can be removed easier from the "fry." Though they are big enough to put your little finger in and push them upward! Personally I like them better without the twisted end showing.

I did add a layered scallop spider on the front. It's from the Stampin' Up! "Batty for You" set. The photo doesn't do the fries justice. The light bounced off them and really washed them out. But try one yourself and you will see how cute and easy they are to make. If you're going to make a bunch of them I would suggest scoring a full sheet of card stock first and then cutting the pieces out. It will save you some scoring time!!! I don't recommend crimping before you cut. The cutter will squish the crimp marks. Sorry you'll have to crimp them one at a time. But it goes fast and it's a fun thing to do!!!

These would make great party favors and can be done in pretty much any theme too!!!

This item was made using Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made using Stampin' Up! products click here.

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RobynLynn said...

You can find the individually wrapped Sixlets at Dollar Tree! :)

reeree62 said...

oh Wanda, this is cute! Yes, sixlets were a fave of mine all thru growing up. And now, as an adult, I still love em, but they are hard to find! They would be perfect, since they are "tubes". Also remember candy lipsticks? They'd prob. work too.
Thanks, and look fwd to more Halloweeen ideas!!!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful weekend project. I am so glad you go sometime away, hope the weather was nice enough for you to enjoy it!

The Vannoy Family said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, I love these *smarty fries* !! What a cute idea. I had to laugh when you mentioned the sixlets. I bought two bags of them last week @ the dollar tree. I bought them to make halloween treat bags with toppers for my grand daughters classmates. Only one problem..... I had to go buy another bag bcuz I ate half of one. Sooo, now you know they do have the individual ones there.
TFS... :)
Have a sparkling day!
Pamela Vega

krystalpurple said...

You are so clever! Love it!