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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!!! Weekend Project

Did you ever see that movie "Jeepers Creepers?" I did and it gave me nightmares!!! And I watched it again!! LOL I just never learn!!! But it's only a movie, right???? If you didn't see it and like horror movies it's a scary one but if you don't like horror movies than stay away, even when it's aired on tv with all the chopping up of it they do, it's still scary!!!

Ok, onto today's project. This one is VERY fun and extremely easy to do. It's a bit on the macabre side but that's ok, it's Halloween and there are a LOT of people out there who will enjoy receiving something like this. Sorry to say but it IS true!!! ''I got these fabulous eye balls at Target. It was difficult to find a package that someone hadn't pushed the plastic part into the eyeball. These are gummy eyeballs. And that alone makes them even more gross!!! To be honest with you, looking at these things kind of creeps me out, especially the pea soup colored green one in the pack!!!! It gives me shivers!!!! LOL

Anyway, I did have to trim the container they were in. It has little tabs on it to open them up easier and I had to cut them off. And I had to tape that part so they'd stay shut. You can't see the tape when they are in the jar.

Just find a jar and fill it with eye balls. Tie a ribbon around the jar and on top I added a scallop and circle layers with the Stampin' Up! "Batty for You" set. It's such a cute set and I regret not ordering it. I stamped a number of images when I was at Sue's on DIVA Day a couple of weeks ago. I had to limit myself when ordering stamp sets and then there was the decorative paper for Halloween and the wheel and and and!!! I am having a lot of fun with the ones I bought but you know how it goes, the grass is always greener on the other side!!! But I got to go to the other side and play for a bit so that was ok!!!! LOL Sharing is good and Sue is SO good about sharing!!! I stamped a sheet full of images and have been having fun with them!

Back to the jar, I just taped the layered image on the top and the jar was done. These make quick last minute gifts. Most people have jars sitting around and you can get these jars for under $2 at Michael's. Use that coupon and it's under $1. Garage sales are notorious for having jars at a great price. I know this first hand. I have few boxes with jars in them in the garage. Yup, in the garage because the storage in the house is filled to the brim. My things now have to find a place in the garage. I think we are going to need to build a shed soon!!! LOL

Continuing on with the eyes today, the tall jar was given to me by my friend Peggy!!! And I filled it with marshmallow eyes (just as gross). I got them at The Dollar Tree. They were creepy enough too!!! I had made another layered scallop for it but forgot to put it on before I took the photo. I guess I was TOO anxious to get the picture taken. Who knows what I was thinking!!!!

And one last thing involving the eyeballs. My friend Katie gave me this creepy eyeball tree!!! And again it's got one of those REALLY creepy green eyes in it. Sends shivers down my spine!!! LOL Isn't it just adorable. I don't know where she found it so I can't share that with you. Maybe she'll leave the information in a comment and you can read it in the comment section. I do LOVE the tree Katie, thanks SO much!!

SO that's the Jeepers Creepers post for today. Halloween Week is drawing to a close and it has been VERY fun. Though I am really not done yet with the 3D stuff so you will want to check back for some more fun ideas for this Halloween season!!! I did not participate in the Wednesday Sketch at SplitCoastStampers this week because I was having too much fun with Halloween Week and when I saw the sketch I was glad I didn't have time. It looked like a REAL challenging one and I just wasn't up for it!!! I will eventually do it but not this week! And I did not post a technique page this week either so I will be doing it next week, probably two of them!!! I know there are many of you who are waiting anxiously and patiently for me to finish up the next set of 20 so I can get them sent out to you. It's about at the half way mark I believe. I'll have to check on that and let you know when I post the next one!!!

Have a VERY fun weekend and enjoy the projects!
Thanks SO much for stopping by,

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Anonymous said...

I bought your EYE BALLs tree at Target...I think.
I shop sooooo many stores it's hard to keep them all straight.

I'm glad you like those EYE BALLS. Everytime I see something like them, I think of YOU.

hugs, Katie