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Sunday, October 05, 2008

DIVA Gifts!

I created some fun lip balm gifts for the DIVA's today. These are a LOT of fun to make. I have made lip balm stick holders before and enjoyed doing them. These are just a little bit different. They have a small mirror on the inside. I saw that at one of the Stamp Shares I was at. I thought it was a clever idea and I went shopping for the mirrors at Joann's. I adhered them in place using the Sticky Strip. I figured they would need a stronger tape to hold them in place. SO far they are still stuck on the card stock!!!

I used the new "Haunting" jumbo wheel for the fronts of these. Just load up a black cartridge in your wheel and you can stamp a long time!!! Aren't those characters just adorable????

Here is the link to the other lip balm holder I did. And there you will find the link to the instructins and pattern to make your own. They don't take long at all to make. These would be a fun thing to make for those teenage girly parties!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,


Elaine said...

They're soooo muchfun! Love the goblins creeping around on the covers!

Sara Paschal said...

What a great idea to put the little Mirrors in there, thanks for the tip. My Sister gave me some a long time back and said I should be able to make something with them, LOL!! Now I can CASE you once again and she will be impressed :)