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Saturday, March 31, 2007

What Is It? Blog Candy Mystery Item Revealed

The time has come to reveal the mystery item!!! I have to say this has been such a hoot for me! Every time I opened my email and saw another guess on this item I would just smile. Some of them really made me laugh!!! Thanks to all of you who submitted your guesses. A few of you have guessed it correctly!

This item is the plastic piece from a gallon milk jug. It's the part between the handle and the jug itself. It serves absolutely NO purpose, though I did find it worked well for two things. One was a substitute bone folder and two was for this Blog Candy question!

I used the Random Number Generator to pick the lucky winner. Each entry was treated as a number and the lucky number drawn was entry #32. And here is the comment #32 left:

"Hmmmm....this morning when I looked at it, it looked like a still does, however, you said it serves no I must admit I am stumped!! Maybe it is a piece of foam that was on the back of a barrette?? Debbie J. "

Debbie J. Please send me your email. You can find my email address in the about me section of this blog or just enter it in a comment on any post. I moderate each one of them so you don't have to worry about your address being posted on here.

Thank you to all of you for your comments and for checking in on my blog. I'm sure you're all busy working on your "Weekend Project!"

Monday I will be posting more Blog Candy. I have hit 100+ posts this year so far and it's a good thing to celebrate too! There will be another Blog Candy after that one and by the time those two are done I will probably be posting yet another one to mark the 40,000 hits mark. The more you view my blog the more hits it gets and the quicker the numbers go up! Check in often!

Thanks again!


Jan Scholl said...

Good Grief. NO wonder I had no clue what this is. I dont ever use milk and only purchase soy milk in those wierd cartons. Now I have to go look at the store tomorrow just to see what this is for or where its at. I must really be missing out on the little things of life!

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Thank you Wanda for drawing my number!! I am soooooo pumped!! I will try and get my e-mail address to go. Plus, I will have to check out my milk carton when I get home. I don't remember seeing that on the Land O' Lakes jugs.
Thanks again!! Have a fantastic eveing!
Debbie J.