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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Candy Winner

First of all I would like to say thank you to all those who submitted a comment. It seems that ribbon is the most popular accessory! And thank you too for the nice comments you have given me on my blog! I am having a lot of fun with this and I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it!

Okay, here is what the lucky winner gets! The mail box (of course), gold tone leaf brads, hunter green grosgrain ribbon, a small spool of school themed ribbon, a package of 12 watercolor crayons, a package of 16 round silver tone brads, a heart shaped watchmaker's tin with die cut book plates inside and a purple purse box with antique square brads in it! Now to see if I can fit them all back in the mail box!!!

And on to the lucky winner of all this is Heather B. Heather please email me with your snail mail address and I will get this off to you! I'm posting her comment here because there was more than one Heather who entered. "Not to follow the crowd but ribbon it is!I would love to win the mailbox (and the goodies inside. Our Target had not had them.Thanks for the chnace to win. Heather B." My email address is found in the "My Complete Profile" link just below the "About Me" paragraph.

To the others who entered, don't be discouraged! I do have a couple more mail boxes I am willing to part with! And at the rate my hits keep going up it won't be long before I'll be posting it on here! Again I'd like to thank everyone for entering and checking in on my blog!

Thank you all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Heather, you are one lucky girl. Would love to see what you do with your new treasures. Michelle

dawnmercedes said...

Congrats to the winner and thanks to the hostess for a great prize!