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Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Woodland Textured Impressions Embossing Folder Birthday Tunnel Card

Terri is such a wonderful and giving person.  She gave me one of the cards she brought with to, I want to say convention but I'm thinking it may have been to Founder's Circle. She textured not only the outside, but the inside as well.  These are simple cards to make but a bit of time goes into them, especially when you are texturing them as much as Terri did.  

The inside has a cute reindeer paper clip on the bottom of the oval opening.  It's such a fun card. 
The technique used here is called the "Tunnel Card" technique and it can be found here.  They are easy to make and don't take a lot of time unless you are doing a lot of extra embellishing on them. What's nice about this technique is, you can make a super quick and impressive card or you can spend some time texturing and embellishing and still have an impressive card.  I have done both.  It all depends on how soon I need the card!!!  Oh, and how many I am making!!

I don't remember how many cards Terri said she made but I do know it was a lot.  She came back with a bunch of new samples to share with everyone.  That is the fun thing about swaps, you make a certain number of one card design and you come home with that many different new cards to share, hoard, or actually use!!  Imagine that, using a card!!  I make cards and save them as samples for my stampers and when I need a card, I feel I have to make a fresh one!!!  Like they go stale!! LOL  I can't figure me out!!! LOL  I just love to stamp and I find making cards a relaxing stress reliever for me!! And if it means I have a thousand cards in my stash, well, then I have a thousand cards in my stash and I have to make a fresh one when I need one!!!  The funny thing about all of this is, all of the cards I make and receive, I post here. Don't you think I could just look for it on my blog?  Imagine that? LOL  (oops, I rambled!)

Anyway, now find the link above and follow the simple instructions to make a tunnel card!!

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rosalie said...

Love your cards and love the way you describe on how to make the card. Yes, and I, too have to come with a different one each time for my shoebox share group; can't seem to do it any other way!!