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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Peaceful Pines Christmas Card Corner Fold Technique

I love this Corner Fold Technique.  It's not hard to do but you have to be "serious" when you are cutting.  Your cutting needs to be precise.  It's easy enough to do though, so don't let that scare you.  Get your background paper and cut it according to the instructions that you can find here.  It's just two cuts and if you follow the instructions it's no big deal at all.  I made 18 of them and didn't mind the cutting at all.  On a couple of them I cut a hair or two past the end and that didn't matter either, the fold hid it! So why not go for it?? 

For this card, after I cut my corner flip part, I stamped my tree and used the die cut to cut it out.  I sponged the edges to define the tree a bit more.  

Tip here:  I used a little trick with the snowflake.  I needed some help with it because it was one of those images you  had to ink and stamp and ink and stamp.  I kept getting the edges of the acrylic block on the card stock.  So what I did was I cut a little piece of vinyl to fit the smallest block.  Then I stuck a dimensional to it and trimmed around the Dimensional.  Then I exposed the other side of the Dimensional and stuck that part to the center of the piece of vinyl that was cut for the block.  Then I stuck the image to that little vinyl covered Dimensional.  I was to be able to ink and stamp quickly and cleanly!!!  It didn't work as well as I wanted it to.  SO I ended up taping the vinyl to my block.  I folded over my scotch tape on each end for easier removal.  It worked perfectly.  Without the tape the vinyl moved too much on the block.  Now I was able to ink and stamp so quickly and the image was up high enough to not catch any edges while I stamped. I was happy and my stamping sure went a lot faster!  It may work for other small images, but all I have tried it on was that tiny snowflake.

I set the tree in place using Dimensionals.  I also set the layered words in place with Dimensionals.  

I had made this card for my sister for her swap card.  She was out of town and didn't have time to make her cards before she left.  She owes me BIG time!!! LOL

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