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Friday, November 30, 2012

Snowman Gift Tag Weekend Project

Once again I you could find me searching for "stuff" on Pinterest.  It's such an awesome waste of time!!! LOL  I have pinned so much stuff that I know I will never get back to!  But I know it's there for inspiration should I ever find it all again!  Or remember why I pinned something.  Did you ever do that?  Look through a catalog or something on the net and mark it and then go back a few days later and wonder what you saw in that item the day you marked it?  I do that a lot.  It must have been a color or the mood I was in at the time.  But most of the stuff I mark I like and remember why I marked it.  I just don't remember all the stuff I've marked or pinned!!  But today I found this little guy and did the best I could with it.  Though I think it could use a bit more finesse.  

The original tag can be found here.  I like the background on it, it's got a lot more snow falling with all the white.  I opted not to add that so I could actually use mine as a to and from tag.  I need to find a stamp set with the to and from words in it.  

The snowman face was done before I punched it out.  I punched out some black pieces of card stock for the eyes and mouth, and also for the buttons.  I glued them in place.  I was going to use tape but I thought the embossing gun would make the tape melt and slip.  After gluing the eyes in place I added the blush (a pink marker) and then the mouth.  The nose was punched out too and glued in place.  When the glue was dry I wiped the VersaMark pad over the area and I used  Iridescent Ice over it all.  Now I need to backup just a bit here.  I did the face on a piece of white card stock, not on the punched out circle.  Once I was done with the Iridescent Ice then I punched it out with a 1-1/4" circle punch.  I did the same for the body.  I used the Iridescent Ice before punching.  I scrapped off some of the Iridescent Ice on the mouth because it looked to shiny and sparkly.  So for the buttons, I just added them after embossing.  I think if I were to do it different I would have added the mouth and eyes after but then it may have made punching it out more difficult.  I am going to make a few more and try different things to see what all works the best.

I taped the two balls together on the back side and added a bit of glue to them to hold them together.  I added a few rhinestones around the tag and then I tied a ribbon around the neck and on top of the tag.  And that was it.  Fun and easy!  Oh and cute too!

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