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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fancy Favor Santa Theme Gift Box Weekend Project

Today I have another Weekend Project for you.  There's LOTS of Weekend Projects on my blog.  Over 200 of them!!  You can find them all by clicking here.  There's plenty to keep you busy all month!

I whipped up a Santa Theme box.  I also have a LOT of Santa Theme items on my blog too and this one makes 20.  Just click here to see all of those!

I used the Fancy Favor die for this box but I'm sure you can get the same look just cutting and scoring your own box shape.  If you scroll down on the sidebar of my blog you will see a link to boxes!  You can custom make a box there.  It's called the Super Deluxe Tuck Box Maker.  You don't need to keep the tuck part, you can just cut off the flap (if you wish) and have an open top box.  The only drawback of that box maker site is that you have to cut the box out by hand.  It's not bad if you're only making a few but to cut out a bunch, well... I think twice on that one!  I'm SO spoiled by the die cuts now!

Ok, onto the box here.  I used a half sheet of 12" x 12" Real Red card stock and cut the die out on my Big Shot.  Then I glued it together. I much prefer glue than the tape for things like this.  And yes, I even prefer the glue over the Red Line or Sticky Strip tape (Both the same exact thing).  Then I took a piece of scrap black and trimmed it on the edges to fit the front of the box.  I added a 1" punched piece of silver glitter paper and then a 3/4" punched piece of Basic Black card stock.  I punched out a couple of 3/4" circles for the buttons and I had also cut a piece of white scrap card stock to match the shape of the top of the box.  I did use the die to cut that white piece.  And the final step was to fill it with candies.  It makes a great party favor or even a cute box for some wrapped goodies.  I just poured some candies in it because I'm just setting it out on my counter.

This was quick and very fun to make.  This is even something the kiddies could help out with for their friends or teachers!!!  Have fun!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

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lisa808 said...

Aw, so cute.