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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angel Ornament

At the Tuesday Technique night Beth was demonstrating how she made this cute angle.  She gave everyone the materials to make it too.  I thought that was SO wonderful.  We did not complete the angel then because of the time but we were shown how it was made and we went home with it.  I got mine all finished and it turned out SO cute.  I can't believe how much substance these things have.  She looks delicate but she is actually pretty solid.  

I think I will be making some of these next year for package toppers.  I was thinking about making them in advance but I will just wait until fall when the new Christmas paper comes out.  Now if I can remember I was going to make these is another story!!! LOL  I'm sure I will if I leave the finished one sit out where I can see it all year long!

Today is hubby's birthday so we are off to have dinner.  It's not a lot of fun having birthdays so close to Christmas.  His is the day after and mine is 10 days after.  He use to get a lot of Christmas and birthday gifts together.  Our son and I kept the days separate as well as the gifts.  Though we did wrap them up (in birthday paper) and set them under the tree.  Hubby could see them and most of the time we let him pick them up and shake them if he wanted to but he was NOT allowed to open them until his birthday.  I know, we're SO mean!! LOL

Added 8-17-13:  I was not given the pattern to this angel.  I was shown how to make it in a class and I do not remember how it was folded.  Though I did find instructions by Googling "paper flowers" and found a tutorial to make the flower.  Once the flower is made then wire, beads and ribbon was added  Click here for the flower folding instructions.

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Gail said...

Will you be telling us how to make those cute little angel ornaments?