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Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Jolly Bingo Christmas Card

The Jolly Bingo set has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I LOVE all the little images in it.  They are more expensive to buy but so worth it.  You can't get bored with a set like this.  

My card today is a copy (sort of) from one I found on Pinterest. The one there was made by LeAnn at Wee Inklings.  Her card was made using an older retired stamp set that I do not know the name of.  But it is a set that I LOVED to play with a long time ago.  But for my card I wanted to see if I could remake hers using current stamps.  And the Jolly Bingo set worked perfectly with this layout.  And I changed the words.  Hers had a ribbon at the top but I omitted it.  

I just thought it was a cute layout. It's so bright and festive.  How could it not put you in the Christmas spirit?  I will not be making these for our Christmas cards this year.  I don't have enough buttons!!  I suppose I could make the paper ones but no, I'm not making a bunch of these cards!  I do know that my sister is going to love it.  Anything with the primary colors in it just catches her eyes and she wants it!  This may end up in her hands!

It was a fun card to make and what a perfect way to use up all of your left over strips of scrap decorative papers!!!

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Colleen said...

Great looking card and yet looks so simnple to do

LeAnne said...

Wanda, I just saw this card on Pinterest and I loved it...then I saw your post and I had to wonder I loved it! I do remember my card but can't remember the was very similar to JBB, too! Such a happy cheery card, I need to revisit my own card!