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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moonlit Nativity

This is one of the items I had in the craft fair.  It's a nativity set made out of clay and put in a jar.  I know, stating it like that doesn't make it sound very glamorous.  I added a spring of some green leafy thing that sat behind the trio.  

It doesn't show up in the photo but at the craft fair I had black circles of card stock over the top of the jar lid so the light would come on. The lids are solar powered.  And boy do they shine bright!  

I had a lot of fun making these.  Making things from clay is one of my true crafting loves!! Yes, even more than beading or stamping.  I have neglected my clay for a long time and I've been slowly getting back into it.  I was playing with a fun pair of holiday earrings I will show you in a few days. I have not finished them yet.  I got as far as going to the bead shop to get the other components I needed and it's just sitting there waiting for it's turn to be finished.  So when I get them done I'll post it on here.  

Back to my jar.  The clay characters are glued in and some "snow" was put on the bottom and then that green leaf.  The molding of the characters took a while.  Well, not really. To make one of each doesn't take that long but when you make a bunch it does take a while.  But it's worth the time invested to me.  These were fun to make and I actually have a few left.  I made WAY too many but one never knows from year to year what sells and what doesn't.  These were a success.  I did sell a lot of them, I call that a success!

I just thought I would share one of my clay creations with you!

Added on November 10. 2012.  I had gotten the lids from a wholesale company.  They are called "Moonshiner" Solar Powered jar lids.  

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Gail said...

I used to make clay ornaments to make Christmas money. I haven't worked with it for a long while. When my son got married, my future d-i-l asked me to make Green Bay Packer jerseys as the wedding favor. Her family is from there and that's where the wedding was. I put the wedding day as the shirt number and then also had a cheesehead eraser that I put down through the wire that was the hanger. I think I did 125 of them. I drew the design and cut around the cardboard until my husband designed a cutter out of metal for me. He became my hero. Keep posting your clay projects. I love everything you do.

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

So cute. Could you give me details on the solar light you used? That is such a great idea!

Wanda said...

The solar lights are called "Moonshiner" Solar Powered jar lids. I had gotten mine wholesale. I had just canceled an order of 12 more because the first 6 I bought I had to replace the batteries after 2 days. Those rechargeable batteries run about $2.50 each. It was not worth the cost to me to have to replace batteries just to sell the lids, so I canceled the order. To find them you can just Google "Moonshiner" Solar Powered jar lids and you should be able to find a few places on the net sells them.