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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  As you gather with friends and family we take time to remember how thankful we are for what we do have.

The shopping craziness starts tomorrow.  Though through looking at the ads in the paper this morning, I'm thinking the craziness starts tonight. And I believe I may be among the crazies to go out there and do a bit of shopping.  I have to work on Black Friday (a first in MANY years) so I won't be able to go out shopping. Not that I was one of those early risers that stood out in the cold or long lines to get a certain item.  I have a list of gifts I need to get for a family we buy for and I'm hoping the stuff will be in the store.  If not then I just shop elsewhere some other time.  It would be nice to catch a break on the prices though.  This is our third year buying for this family.  It's fun but it gets more expensive each year because the kids are growing up.  I did make some bracelets and sold them to raise money for this adventure.  I was actually able to post one on here (and it sold) but the others sold before I was able to get them on the internet.  Which is a good thing.  Maybe next year I can get more on the website!  I have great plans for beading and stamping for the new year. Let's hope I can do it!  Anyway, I'm rambling here.  I want to wish you all a great day and I will be back tomorrow with some fun "stuff" for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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