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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make a Mitten / Chock-Full of Cheer Christmas Card

Today's card comes from you via Pinterest!! Of course, where else?  LOL  Ok, I know I do create some of my own designs, layouts and what not but lately I've found some really cute cards that I just had to make.

My card is pretty much a total copy except for the ribbon and the strings on the mittens. I made my strings too short.

What I find funny is that the stamp set had a pair of mittens for one image and for this image only one mitten.  So I thought, since it only had one mitten I would just use the Chock-Full of Cheer set instead.  Then I realized that was the set that was used in the original card.  You don't really notice the mittens are for the same hand because of they way they are turned on the card.  Well, now you see it but only because I told you!!! LOL

What I like best about this card is that I can do the mittens SO perfectly using the mitten punch.  Yup, that punch works with the Chock-full of Cheer and Make a Mitten set!!!  More uses for the mitten punch!!

And now I'm not finding where I got this card from, so if you know the creator of this card please let me know so I can give them the credit they deserve.  I will try to find it too.

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simona said...

That's so beautiful ! I've just discovered you aanmd love all your post. I've just enered as followers so that I won't miss any of your project.
hugs from italy.

PJ said...

This card is absolutely adorable ♥ I love what you did with the mittens. I had to go search for this retired set online. ☺