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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Jolly Bingo Bits Christmas

Yesterday I posted a candy cane card and now today.  Do you see a theme happening here? Though I did use two different stamp sets.  Today I used the candy cane from the Jolly Bingo Bits set and I did have to cut out the candy cane by hand, there is no punch for that one.  But since I was only cutting out one it wasn't so bad.  

I was looking in my Pinterest followings and I saw this card that Yolanda posted.  I wanted to recreate it but I knew I didn't have the little packages stamp so I thought I would hunt for something else.  I wasn't having any luck so I just began to make the card components.  When I got done with the oval I thought I would see what I had that would fit inside it and that's when I ran across the Jolly Bingo Bits set.  I was going to use the mittens but I didn't like how they fit inside the oval.  I also thought how pretty a single red bird would be too.  But I liked how the candy cane covered more space up and down so I thought I would stamp one and cut it out and then decide.  Well, after I got it cut out I set it on top of the oval and I liked what I saw so I ran with it.  I changed the ribbon (from the original card) and also the wording.  I thought the card could use a little more color so I took my red marker and ran around the edges of all the white card stock pieces.  But that thought came after the card was all taped together.  Isn't that how things usually work?  

If I were to redo this card I would omit the silver paper and replace it with Real Red.  I think it would give the card a lot more punch.  The silver was SO pretty with the white on the original card.  So if you are going to make one of these, I would recommend using Real Red on the background layers.  

Even with the slight color issue, I did have fun making this card.  I would make another one but only one because that candy cane is so tiny to cut out!

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