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Friday, September 14, 2012

Stylin' Snowfolk Snowman Seed Card

This set reminds me a lot of the Cold Play set that Stampin' Up! had a few years back.  The only differences here are the snowman's body is whole.  In the Cold Play set the snowballs for the body were separate.  This set has a lot more accessories though.  There's some tiny mittens I can't wait to play with.  And there's a ladies hat so you can make a Mr and Mrs too!  I also like the cute buttons, though I didn't use them because I didn't realize what they were until after I had finished this guy!  I used the eyes and turned them sideways for the buttons.  It worked and it's cute!  

I made the snowman seeds cover, I am thinking about making this for my Christmas cards this year.  I do have my usual photos ready to go of the latest snowman I had made but I may do some stamping this year instead!  

I put the PDF file for this in my web store if you are interested in purchasing it.  It comes with no limits on how many copies you make or how many finished cards you can sell using the seed cover image. 

This was a fun card to make and of course I would say that, you know how much I love snowmen!

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Lisa said...

What a fun card. The snowman seeds caught my eye. Love your card.

Lisa said...

Love the card....The Snowman seeds is too cute. :)