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Monday, September 10, 2012

Owl Punch & Delightful Dozen Tissue Box

Aren't these cute?  I found them on Pinterest.  I had pinned it to one of my boards a while back so I would remember to make them.  I thought I would make some for the fall craft fair.  Since the tissues I bought came in a package of 10, I only made 10 of them.  I have more tissues but I'll save them for another day.  

There were a few things different on here than on the original tissue box.  The front of the owl was made using some retired decorative papers because I ran out of the dotted Pretty in Pink papers.  The background circle is a different color than the original.  The package is also different.  From what I could see the original holder looked like it had a boxy pocket on the inside and the top folded down and the whole thing was put in a baggie and ties shut.  The "get well soon" words from the Delightful Dozen set were done on a separate piece of card stock and that was attached to the cord that tied the baggie shut.  

For the box on the ones I did I used a pattern to make an actual tissue box.  I used a pattern I had gotten on Split Coast Stampers.  It was designed by JulieHRR.  The link to that pattern is here.  There's a bit of scoring but it's easy enough.  The card stock is already 11" and you cut the short side to 4" and the rest is scoring and a bit of cutting.  And of course the punch for the tissue to come out.  Fortunately the tissue I found has the opening at the top so this pattern works out well.  You can also make the hold elongated on the back side using the pattern you can find here.  

You really don't need any instructions to make the front of the holder.  It's all done using the owl punch, two oval punches, a 2" circle punch and the tiny flower punch for the cross.  The nurses cap is the front pink part of the owl turned upside down.  Cute idea, huh?  I hope these sell well at the craft fair.  It's coming up in about 2 months!!! I need to get my clay going.  Clay is my biggest seller.  I'm SO far behind on things right now.  My niece is getting married in December and the shower is in November.  My older sister and sister-in-law and me are hosting the shower and of course I'm making the invitations.  Way too many pieces on them too!!!  I will never learn.  And last night my niece also asked if I would make her wedding jewelry and the jewelry for the bridesmaids.  How could I refuse.  I just hope I have time to get them all done!!

Anyway, these tissue boxes were fun to make but there was a LOT of pieces to it. I'm glad I only made 10 and after dealing with all of those pieces I know that probably will not be making any more with this design!  

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lisa808 said...

Super cute.


can't access Julie's pattern. is it only for fan club members?