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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cupcake in a Cup Birthday Gift

I made this cupcake in a cup on Saturday for my boss for her birthday.  I didn't post it on here right away because I've never made this before and I wasn't sure if it would taste good or not.  REALLY?  So you make it for a gift not knowing how it tasted? Yup, that's exactly what I did. I did go by the reviews I saw on the recipe and hoped for the best.  

Now, what is wrong with this picture?  Well, I think I should have used a bigger mug!! What do you think?  LOL  And I think Minnie should have been turning the other direction so it would look like she was trying to catch that mess coming out of the cup! LOL  Anyway, I ended up just cutting off the spillage and once the frosting was on top no one knew about the mess!!  It worked.  

You should have been in the kitchen when the microwave dinged and I opened the door.  I gasped.  Thank goodness I didn't have gum in my mouth, it would have been in my lungs!  I was shocked to see that mess. But like I said, I was able to get it off the mug and I moved on!

And I'm sure you'd like the recipe for this.  What I like is that you can make cake for one without and Easy Bake Oven.  Do they even make those things anymore or is there now an Easy Bake Microwave for kids to play with?  LOL  Anyway, you can get the recipe here if you want to give this a whirl!  Now I need to search for a sugar-free one for my mom.  My niece wants cupcakes for her bridal shower and my mom can't have the sugar ones so I will be hunting for a recipe for her.  Do you know of a good microwave cupcake for one recipe?  I'd love for you to share it.

OK, off to work on the shower invitations!  It's a bit elaborate and that is why it's taking so long to get them done but it will be OK because they are pretty and they are for my niece!

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea, Wanda.

I make, what I call a muffin in a cup in the microwave. Sugar free too.......

I'll see if I can type in the words so that I can make this comment. I have had a lot of problems with that.


Anonymous said...

I Have an easier recipe for cake in a mug, it calls for
1 cake mix any flavor
1 angel food cake mix
Mix them together in a gallon size ziplock baggie.
In a mug put 3 tablespoons cake mixture, 2 tablespoons water mix, and microwave for 1 minute.
easy peasy.