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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Garden Green

I had been asked by several readers about our Gutter Garden.  Yes, it is still growing. On the top row on the right we had peas. They did grow but they were pretty heavy for that area.  They really do need to be put in the ground to grow best.  To the left of them is a Parsley plant.  It's still growing.  We take pieces off it all the time.  And on the far end we had radishes and carrots.  The radishes didn't do well there at all.  And much to my surprise the carrots are growing well.  I didn't think they would because they need to go deeper but they adapted to their environment and grew as long as they could and now they are growing wider.  SO that is a yes on the parsley and a yes on the carrots. But next year I'm going to plant them a bit differently.  I'm going to take some paper towel we have in the garage (it's smooth) and somehow glue the seeds to it and then just plant the strip of paper towel.  That way I won't have to thin out anything.  Thinning out things is hard in such cramped quarters.  The first watering made a lot of the tinier seeds bunch up (carrots being one of them).  

The middle row had spinach on the far left.  It did not do well.  The rest of that row has celery planted in it.  It is still growing.  And yes, it looks thinner but that's because we have been cutting stalks and using them.  A friend of mine takes one celery plant in each fall and lets it grow in the house.  She said she cuts off it all winter long.  I think I'm going to be doing that.  I am saving the one on the right end for that (if you were wondering why that one was all by itself.  

And the bottom row has onions in it.  They grew well and we have picked many of them.  We are not sure we are going to plant them again next year.  They really do need a deeper place to grow.  We talked about our planting for next year and flowers cascading down sounded pretty.  That would mean we would probably plant veggies on the top and the next two will have the flowers.  But that plan can change from now until next spring!!!

So there you have it.  It was well worth the time and effort that went in to making this.  This will all easily come down in the fall too.  The gutters are attached to boards that were placed on the legs of the deck.  They were wedged in under the deck floor and the legs.  Then they were tie wrapped to the legs of the deck in several places.   Tie wraps were even added to the gutters.  I'm not sure why hubby did that but it's on there.  Maybe next year he can use white tie wraps!!!  I do know that I want tie wraps on the left end of each gutter.  I want to be able to set the hose under it, turn it on and walk away for a few minutes.  The middle gutter has one at the end and it was perfect.  

We will be doing this again next year!  Thank you for asking and I hope I answered every one's questions. here.

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