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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Perfectly Preserved Thank You

This is one of the cards I had gotten at Terri's Technique Class last Tuesday.  The gals had done their swap and there was a pile of extra cards and they told me I could have them.  That was SO sweet of them all.  I LOVE getting new card samples to show the gals who come to my home to stamp!  

This card was made by Beth T.  I love the colors she used and since it was to be a card made using the ribbon technique that Terri taught she added the ribbons to the top of the lid .  How cute is that idea?  She used the matching die to cut out that part on the top of the jar.  What a fun die set to have.  I may have to consider getting it.  There's so many other things I want too so this will have to go at the bottom of the list.  But it is a cool set and die set to have.  

I also need to get my hands on some of that fun seam binding ribbons too.  I don't have very many current ribbons. I have TONS of retired ones and I need to use them up but it's hard to when you get the newer ribbons!

This was a fun card and I do thank Beth T. for it.

And I thank you so much for visiting today,

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Unknown said...

Huge score for you Wanda, it is wonderful to have a nice supply of eye candy. Love it;)