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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ribbon Strips Window Technique

Finally, another page to my ongoing Technique Pages.  I have not posted one in a while and I really need to get on the ball with these.  I have been so busy with so many other fun things that Stampin' Up! has had in their catalog that I forget about these pages.  

I go to a Stampin' Technique class once a month to help Terri out but I don't think to do a technique page myself to get caught up on them!  This is actually one of the techniques Terri demonstrated at her last class.  I love the look of her card.  She is such a talented lady and has a great eye for color and design.  

As I was looking back at the last technique I posted, it was another one from Terri's class.  Such a copy cat!!! LOL

The technique pages I sell in my web store are designed for you to print out and hold classes with.  You can print out as many as you like for your classes at no extra cost.  Set up your classes as you wish, teaching two (or as many techniques as you like for a set price).  Make the technique up and make a card using the technique and your class is set!!  There are still some finished technique pages available and ALL of the technique pages are on CD so you just click, print and decorate! The CD's also come with finished samples of the technique pages for you to view and/or copy too.  Easy enough to hold technique classes for months and months.  I am on set #5 right now and there are 20 techniques to a set.

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Runs with Scissors said...

Beautiful. I love the technique and the colors are great.