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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

On Your Birthday in Black & White

UGH!  I didn't think I was going to have a photo for my blog tonight!  I usually resize them before I put them on the blog so they don't take up so much space.  Blogger does have a limit to how much space you can have for free!  Anyway, to resize my photos I usually just email them to myself.  Microsoft Outlook asks what size I want to send it, I pick the size and off it goes.  I open the email and slide the photo into a file on my desktop and I'm ready to begin the post!  But tonight the email program decided to just hang there and hang there and hang there.  It was SO frozen that it didn't even want to restart either!!  A big UGH on that one!  So I did the soft boot thing and got the Task Manager to come up and I closed the program from there.  And as you can see I have a photo for this post!!! 

This card was not only fun but easy to make too.  I used the designer Neutrals paper on a layer of Basic Black card stock.  I tied a ribbon around it and taped it in place.  I did use the Red Line or Sticky Strip tape (they are exactly the same product, just different names).  I don't think the double sided tape runners were strong enough to hold that much fabric down.  SO I get it all taped in place and then decided I wanted to put the circle and scallop under it!!! Another UGH for this post!!!
After I got the words stamped on the circle I layered them on top of the scallop.  I added some tape to the back and slid it under the ribbon layer.  I added a few rhinestones and it was done.  See, I told you it was easy!!

If you need a fun, quick and yet pretty card, this layout is the way to go!

Don't forget about the blog candy!!  And as usual, I have been adding to the blog candy!  Those of you who have won blog candy from me in the past know they get more fun stuff than what is posted!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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