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Monday, November 28, 2011

Envelope Die Box Weekend Project

So after I finished wrapping the soaps in some cling wrap stuff and adding the ingredients label to the back I was wondering what I was going to do for additional packaging.  I wanted to dress that soap up a bit more.  I was going to make a box using my Score Pal and card stock.  As I was getting the card stock I saw a little tote I had made using the envelope die.  I took the little notebook out that I had in it and checked to see if the soap would fit and it did!  I was thrilled.  SO next I got the Wild Wasabi card stock and cut out 4 of them.  I stamped them with the Sparkles wheel and colored in the center of the "sparkles" on the front only using my gel pen.

I was able to use a square punch to cut out the window.  I just dropped the sides of the box all the way down to the bottom of the punch and punched it.  I turned it and punched the other side.  I cut a piece of transparency sheet and glued it in.  

Once the glue dried I cut the bottom of the card stock the same width as the sides.  I then glued the sides first and then the bottom.  When you glue these you want to make sure that the flaps on the front piece fold over the back piece.  

Next I punched the oblong opening using the Word Window punch in both layers (one at a time).  Then i took a snowflake I had in my stash and added it to the top of the handle.  I used a brad to keep the top shut.  I also added a snowflake to the bottom corner and added a rhinestone to it to give it a little bling.  And that was it.  What a fun way to dress up a little bar of soap!!

I have 4 peach colored bars I need to dress up and package too!  I'll show you how they turn out when I get them done!

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Lisa Mala6 said...

What a wonderful way to wrap the gift. Love how it turned out!