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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pennant Parade Christmas Tree Card

 So, this card is much like the Christmas stocking card.  Ok, it's exactly like it but there's a tree instead of a stocking and it's in Garden Green!  You can see the original card here (that I obviously did a CASE on!).
I made this same card using the tree because it completes the set of cards I am making for my sister using this set.  She had bought the set and just left it with me.  I LOVE it when people do that!!!  So to thank her I thought I would make her a set of cards using this set.  I am going to post the finished set when I get done with this post. 

You see two of the same card here but one is a little different.  On the bottom one (the final draft) I added rhinestones to the tree.  I was able to use the smallest rhinestones and add on top of two of the dots on the tree image.  It covered the dots and it looks like I was able to put them on so evenly!!  

I think she will like this card assortment and will be very happy to get them!

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Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful card, very simple and elegant. Thank you for sharing...

Bonnie said...

Love this card!