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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Tissue Holder Weekend Project

First I want to wish you all a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Today I have for you a fun tissue holder.  I realized I have not made a tissue holder in over a year!  That's a long time for me.  I have a tote full of these tissues and they are all waiting for holders!  

This one needs a bit of finesse but my project today was to make the holder.  I LOVE these little "Swankie" packs.  I like to buy them after the holidays when they are extremely cheap.  Thus the tote full!  I had a project that I was going to use mine on but that went by the wayside so I am sitting on the tote full.  I will probably and hopefully make them up and try to sell them in the craft fair next year.

Anyway, lets talk about this tissue holder.  I LOVE the leaves on the tissue and I wanted the holder to have leaves too and what better set to use than the "Falling Leaves" set.  It's such a pretty set and I have used it a lot.  Though I think this will be the last time I use it for a long time now.  It seems that the day after Thanksgiving all of a sudden becomes Christmas and everything turns towards the Christmas theme.  Thanksgiving should be moved to the last day of November so December 1st starts the Christmas theme and it would seem right!!!  

I made my own multi-colored ink pad by adding ink drops on a baby wipe.  You can also use a paper towel but dampen it first or you will use a lot more ink than you need to.

Stamp on top of the baby wipe or paper towel and then stamp on your card stock.  I stamped a bunch of leaves all over my card stock after I had cut it out.  I should have waited to score it before I stamped though.  I could see the seam lines.  Once they were folded it didn't show as much, but it wasn't as solid as I would have liked it to be.  

You can do this tissue holder two ways.  It all depends on where your tissue is dispensed from.  The pattern here shows that you can also make the hole in the center.  I like this pattern, it's easy to follow and quick to put together. I get a lot of my plain tissues at The Dollar Tree.  You get 8 or 10 packs for you dollar. Such a deal.  And if selling them at a craft fair it makes for a nice profit margin!  These make great stocking stuffers too when you use the holiday theme ones!!  Though a leaf one may be nice for the guys stocking!!

Have fun with this!  And have a wonderful day!
updated 11-25-11  Oops, I forgot to include the link. It is now added and it will take you to the pattern.
And then later that day the link was once again added correctly!!!!  LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting on your holiday,


marie said...

What a cute holder. It would be a nice gift for teachers.
I was unable to follow the "pattern link".
Thanks for sharing.

Gail said...

I can't get the 'pattern here' link to open with with scoring measurements. :-( cute project.

Bonnie said...

I love all of your cards and projects Wanda. I am intrigued by your tissue holder project but I am unable to get to the pattern

Your blog is quite inspiring for me and I thank you.