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Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's a Wrap Give Thanks Candies

The It's a Wrap Holidays and the It's a Wrap sets are so fun to play with.  I will be making some for the bridal shower later this month for my daughter-in-law to be.  YIKES!  The wedding will be here sooner than I think.  The holidays are coming up so fast and it will be Christmas in no time and 2 weeks after that is the wedding.  I also want to make these candies for the Groom's Dinner.  We are having that the week before the wedding.  It was too difficult to work in the rehearsal dinner because of the location and time so we decided to have a Groom's Dinner the week before.  This way we can all have time to relax and visit with everyone and enjoy the time instead of feeling rushed to get home and take care of the last minute things before the wedding the next day.  SO much less stress this way!  We just checked out the party room the other night to see what we need to decorate it up a bit.  The room is just splendid the way it is but I will be adding a few small centerpieces to a couple of the round tables in there.  It will be lovely!  It will be easy.  And it will be a relaxing time!  I look forward to sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying the evening!

Anyway, back to my candies.  I wanted to see if the Hershey Miniatures would work for these and they do.  There is more of the candy wrapper showing on the sides but it does work.  For this pack I used the dark chocolate candies.  I liked the color of the wrapper that showed.  It just seemed to blend in with the other colors used.  I did make a belly band for the wrappers.  I cut the belly band about the same width as the mailing label and I cut it about a 1/2" longer.  I wrapped the belly band around the candy and then the stamped label. I made sure I was able to get it to wrap around just right so the label held it all together without having to use tape or glue. It's hard to explain how I did it but once you see the belly band wrapped around the candy, you will know where to start the label.  

This was a very fun little project and I have a special gal in mind for it!  I do think the front needs a little something more to dress it up. I tried using a Spectrum Pad for this but I wasn't able to get enough color cut out on here.  I had rolled several of these on card stock and then picked the best one.  And by that I mean the best stamped image, not so much the color.  I may add some ribbon or maybe on of those other leaves I have in waiting from yesterdays post!!

One thing I did do was I added a piece of card stock to the back of the candies, inside the bag. This made the candies stay in place better and gave some stiffness to the whole bag.  Plus it gave it a more professional look. And I also stamped the Stampin' Up! copyright on the back just in case I decide to make a bunch of them and sell them at the craft fair this weekend.  But if I do that the front will need a bit more finesse!  

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