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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bridal Shower Card

This card looks more pink than blush on here.  The card stock I used was Blushing Bride but the flash must have changed it a bit.  It's a lot darker than in real life.  Now I am ready for the next bridal shower on the 3rd!  I won't have to wake up with eyes as big as silver dollars and run down to my workroom without a few cups of coffee in me first!!!  I'm actually ready for this event!!! (A first time in a very long time!). 

SO here's the scoop on this fun card:  the base of this card is Whisper White.  Inside I used some leftover pieces of the "Specialty Paper Bride" and a scrap piece of 28# copier paper.  On the front I used some more of the specialty paper, Whisper White and Blushing Bride and a piece of vellum.  
I got the tutorial for the gift holder at SplitCoastStampers.  It is a VERY easy tutorial to follow.  I did watch the video and then later just followed the step by step instructions.  I like and don't like videos at the same time. I like them if they save me time by having the items taped, punched, die cut, embossed, etc. ahead of time.  I think all of us know how to remove the sticky stuff off the back of the tape and we all know how to punch, die cut and even fold a card in half.  Those things should just be omited from the videos to save the view time.  I often fast forward through all that.  And many times I don't even bother watching the video if the instructions look detailed enough.  This video had a lot of watching the maker remove tape and fold and score paper.   Anyway, I got the inside all put together and then decorated the outside of my card.  I liked how it turned out and I think my daughter-in-law to be will too.  

In the instructions the gal has you cut off the flap of the little envelope that comes with the gift card.  My gift card didn't have an envelope so what I did was I took some heavier copier paper and I wrapped a strip around the gift card and taped it in the back.  I did leave a bit of room for the gift card to move back and forth a little.  I didn't want it so tight that the gift card wouldn't come out.  I didn't close up the bottom of the sleeve either.  The bottom of the sleeve touches the card stock and it wouldn't be going anywhere.  I only needed an opening on the top and the end result is, I had an opening on the top!!  

The card is a bit bulky but there is no way to avoid that.  And because it is bulky you won't be able to mail it without it costing you extra for the thickness and maybe extra for the weight of the card too, it's feels a bit heavy.  Fortunately for me I'll be hand delivering my card!!!
This is a very attractive way to display a gift card!  And I love how it is designed too!  If you have time, give this a try!

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