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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Touch of Kindness Wednesday Sketch Challenge

Did Wednesday sneak up on you?  I totally forgot it was Wednesday.  Holidays, unless they fall on a Sunday, always mess me up!  I'm thinking it's Tuesday and then I hear the tornado sirens at 1 today (the first "Wednesday" of the month and then reality sets in!  Well, now I'm behind on SO many things!!!  Maybe if I wouldn't have heard the sirens I would have kept the pace I was at and then been caught up plus some ahead.  I like it when I can touch a bit into tomorrows work.  But with that mind set I would have still been behind!!  But then again, being a bit ahead just pushes me to work more to get even further ahead!!  But now that I realized what day it actually is I'm bummed because now I'm VERY far behind!!!!  Ho hum!!! LOL 

So here we have the card I made for this weeks Sketch Challenge (on Wednesday!!!).  I thought this layout was extremely fun and very challenging for me.  It was that #2 panel that I found most challenging.  Cutting those pieces so they all fit together was a big challenge for me.  I did cheat a bit though.  To do that panel I cut two pieces of scrap copier paper.  One I used to cut out my pattern and the other I used to tape those pieces together once I got them cut out of the decorative paper.  For the #2-a piece I just cut a piece of decorative paper and set it in place.  The other two pieces I cut out using the pattern I created.  I did have trouble with the 2-c piece for some odd reason.  But I finally got it cut close enough and tucked in the weird edge under the 2-b piece and no one will be the wiser.  

My image is from the "Touch of Kindness" set.  I think that birdbath is adorable.  And I did mask off my flying bird and added him to the image later.  He was further out on the left so I added him higher up. 

I was going to make this into a birthday card.  Whenever I make a card that I don't need at the moment, they usually turn into birthday cards.  You can always use or easily sell birthday cards!  But I remembered a friend and I thought I should drop her a line.  And with the bird flying in to join the other birds I thought "hello" was perfect for the wording on my card.  

I had to laugh when I did the speckles around the border.  I took out my wheel and inked it up.  I had marked my work surface paper so I wouldn't go too far with the wheel.  I carefully stamped the speckles, I turned my paper, made sure everything was lined up and stamped again.  I repeated this process for the last edge.  Then I set the card on and all of that work was gone!  I could have just slapped the dots in place and no one would have known.  But now you know, under that image layer you will find the speckles perfectly placed!!! LOL I just shook my head and laughed!!

SO this is my card for today.  I am hoping to get some fun projects done to share with you soon!

Have a great day and thank you SO much for stopping by!

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Unknown said...

Awesome sketch and I love your take on it. The focal image is way cute;)