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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pocket-size Stampin' Up! Color Chart

 I struggled with what to call this.  I had a few of these started a while back and had put them on hold, they were to be for gifts but now the project is scrapped so I am finishing up a couple of them and re-purposing the rest.

I am not good with making cells in word processing software so the inside was a bit of a struggle for me.  Terri (my upline's upline) had these for us one time and I LOVED having it.  It was a great little gift to give your customers and it was nice to have it on hand.  Though I do love the new color chart, this is more than that.  In the second photo you can see the inside of this. It is also an inventory.  You can keep track of your colors of card stock, ink pads, inkers and markers.  I'm a good one for purchasing another inker and then later finding I already had that color.  SO it was time to redo this project and have an updated one!  It also included the 5 new 2011-1012 colors!  I don't usually sit down and fill in all the info and color on each one.  I wait until I'm using the marker and then I will mark my little boxes with that color.  The chart is always sitting out so it's there in front of me to fill in at my leisure. 

Now for the front.  I used Crystal Effects and "glued" two buttons together, the larger one on top and a smaller one on the bottom.  I used a couple of ponytail "things" and tied them together because they were not long enough.  You can use ribbon, thread, a rubber band, twine or elastic to hold the booklet shut.  With the two ponytail things I just took a loop from each end and hooked it around the buttons.  I was thinking of taking the Crystal Effects and "gluing" on one of the ends so the "thing" won't get lost when it's taken off.

The pages were printed out and taped together so they are printed on both sides when it's opened up.  All of the colors are listed along with their color groups.  

I can't take any credit for this (except for the buttons) it was Terri's concept and I just can't be without one of these.  And now with 10 new colors at a time I wanted to make sure I had it covered!!!

If you'd like to purchase one just head on over to my web store and get it there. There is no photo available yet but in a day or two it should appear there.  But you can order them without the photo.  The photo will be the same ones as on this post.

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