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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cupcake Wheel Birthday Card Sketch Challenge

 I'm finally getting around to the Wednesday Sketch Challenge!  I SO enjoyed the day we spent up in Duluth.  From what I heard from friends and family, we left town just in time.  It was 103 degrees F here on Tuesday.  It was a lovely 80 in Duluth Heights and it was a very cool 68 by the lake.  We headed up to Beaver Bay and it was windy and chilly up there.  I found a couple of rocks there that I had to buy.  Yes, I paid money for rocks!!! LOL  One was a beautiful sliced agate that I want to bezel around when I find some time to play with beads!  And the other, well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  It's just aesthetically pleasing right now so I may just set it out and look at it now and then and touch it (it's shiny and smooth!) LOL  I'll take a photo of it and show you how pretty it is.  I may add a beaded bezel around that one too.  Anyway, I not only heard it was hot here but humid too.  We came home on Wednesday to some very cool and dry air.  I think we brought it home with us!! It was lovely.  And I also came home to blooming petunias.  I bought black petunias this year and they all opened while we were gone.  They are SO pretty.  Now when the pink daisies in the center of the flower bed open it's going to be gorgeous!!

Let's talk about my card!  I don't think I did the sketch justice.  Once I added the scalloped words circle I lost the space between the strips and now it just looks like one strip with words on it.  Head on over to SplitCoastStampers and see what other's have done with this.  I had flipped the sketch so I could use the cupcakes wheel.  I do like how my card turned out but I don't like that it isn't sticking with the sketch.  I do like this ketch and  I may give it another try doing it the right way!

Give this sketch a try and see what you come up with.  I liked the original one.  Decorative paper was used on the strips (2-a & 2-b) and words were stamped in between them.  And a few tiny butterflies were added on the right side where it's so open.  I may try to make one like that because I did like the butterflies on the right, it filled in that large open space.  Using a textured background like I did also helps to make that open space not so empty looking.  Wish me luck on my next attempt!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like your card! You should have gone up to Grand Marais. It's one of my favorite place in the country. We saw a bear on the beach in Two Harbors too one time when we were there. Lots to see along the North Shore. Even got a ride on an ore boat but that was years ago.