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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love & Care Birthday Card

Julie at Kewel Stamps n More did a card SO similar to this.  The difference between hers and mine is the word image part.  She had used an elongated one and I did a round one.  And I believe her green was Garden Green and I had used Old Olive.  I realized that after I had cut my Old Olive so I just went with it.  It worked just fine.  Oh and the background part is different too.  I used the "Friendship" background download to make mine.  I put 4 of them on the paper and printed it out so I wouldn't waste the paper plus I would have more for a later project or for more cards like this.  I don't know what her background words were, she didn't have a materials list on the post. 

I just loved this card when I saw it and I just had to make it.  It is a very easy card to do and it was a lot of fun to do too.

My words are from my computer.  I just print out a bunch at one time, punch them out and save them for when I need them.  It's SO convenient to do it that way!

I really like this card.  I have a birthday coming up but I'm not sure I want to give up this card yet.  But like I said, it was easy enough to do so I will probably just make another one.  

I like coloring with markers on the rubber (Direct to Rubber technique), give it a huff so the steam of your breath moistens the ink and stamp.  It's fun and easy to do and look at the nice effect, two colors (or more) of ink on one image!  Doesn't get much better than that!

I thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Julie Leblanc said...

Looks fantastic :-) thank you for visiting my blog too!