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Friday, June 24, 2011

Altered Notebook Weekend Project

 I thought it was time for a Weekend Project (there's over 150 of them!!).  I haven't done one in a few days.  This one was fun because I actually had a purpose for it.  It is for my sister.  We were shopping last week at the local craft store and she had picked up a journal type notebook and before we checked out she had put it back.  SO I thought it would be fun to alter one for her.  S Allie, if you are reading this, PLEASE don't tell your mom I have this for her.  I didn't do such a good job trying to copy the scallop.  That is a lot harder than it looks.  I am a pattern person.  Give me a template to trace and cut around and I'm happy!!!  Plus it will look 100% better!!  LOL

For my paper I printed out one of the "Flirtatious" pages.  I LOVE all the lacy doilies on it!  I added a brad from the Antique Brads collection.  I did remove the prongs and "glued" it in place with Crystal Effects.  It doesn't take too long to dry but if it were an actual functioning thing I would allow it to dry overnight.  I sometimes get too anxious and can't wait to attach things and I end up repairing or ruining my project.  SO it's just best to wait. It's not like I don't have some other project going on that I cant move over to!

The "NOTES" is from a custom stamp I had made for me.  I make TONS of notebooks and I always had difficulty finding a stamp that said "notes" so I had one made.  I LOVE it and use it on almost all of my notebooks.  

This notebook caught my interest because it closed with little magnets.  I just LOVE those little thin magnets and they are strong too.  I was happy that the Perfect Plum card stock and the decorative paper (printed out on 30# copier paper) weren't too thick.  I tested it out to make sure the notebook would still close with those thicknesses before I taped them in place.  Yup it did. I was happy and was ready to move on. 

I thought about adding a ribbon but then it would have to be removed to open the notebook.  I thought I would wrap it around the flap or the part below the flap but that didn't work either.  If I wrapped it around the flap then the notebook wouldn't shut and if I wrapped it around the piece below the flap then it was too bulky.  So it was just best to leave it as it is and let the decorative paper be the "beauty" of the project!  I think my sister will like it!

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This is really pretty Wanda;)