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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sail Away Digital Studio Birthday Card

I'm sitting here laughing at my card!  Ok, not so much the card. I do like how the card turned out.  It's the sun in the background.  It's shining through one of the sails making it look like they are transparent!  I noticed it after I got the card all put together. I didn't reprint because I wanted to show you how easily things can get missed when you are not paying attention.  I was having fun making the card and adding stretched punches to create more waves in the water and having the sun the right size and making sure it is not behind the background, etc.  And I didn't pay attention where the sun was placed.  A quarter inch more to the right and it would have cleared that sail and it would have looked normal!!  All I need to do is go back into the program and move the sun over just a bit and it will be fine.  I am saving my creation on my computer so I can print one up quickly when I need it.  

I had purchased the "Sail Away" digital image last week and just got around to downloading it.  This card was very easy to make and very fun and now a bit funny with that big error on it!  

The words are from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  I didn't digitally add the wording.  This way I can use this for a masculine Sympathy card if I need to, or a Father's Day card too!  

I can take the card and add some chalks or watercolor crayons to it to give it more shading if I want.  I just like it that I was able to just add a few elements to the card and it was done.  The image on the card printed out larger than the rubber stamp image.  I didn't scale it down to size.  I liked that it took up most of the card and I could have made it a bit bigger if I wanted too.  So, a handy tip for you!  Pay attention to details or you could get the sun shining through transparent sails or other things!!! LOL

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Susie said...

Still a beautiful card - transparent sail and all. :0)