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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Decorative Chocolates Party Favors Weekend Project

I was playing around with some punches today and thought I would make some party favors.  

I used the new "Lace Ribbon Border" punch on top of a piece of crimped Marina Mist card stock that is wrapped around a wrapped Ghiradelli chocolate square.  I cut the crimped piece at 1-1/2" and then crimped it.  Then I just wrapped it around the candy and then I cut off the excess.  I had cut the 1-1/2" piece from the long side of the card stock so I had a 8=1/2" strip.  There was about 3" left after cutting it to fit.  

I then punched out the Lace Ribbon pieces and glued them in place over the top of the Marina Mist piece.  Next I punched out some flowers using the "Boho Blossoms" punch and I punched out some small circles for the center of the flowers using handheld punches.  

After putting the ribbon pieces on I then added the flowers and the flower centers.  There is still room on these to add a little stamped note if you wish too!  I just glued everything in place because I wanted to make sure they would stay in place in the event they get hung up on each other in the box I'm putting them in for travel. I hate to have to retape things and I don't want to risk having the flowers getting relocated and then have to try to remove them from wherever they landed without damaging any card stock strips.  So glue is the best for this.  Plus I thought it was quicker because of the tiny centers!  I REALLY hate taping those in place on anything!

These are now ready for the party.  I really like the new "Lace Ribbon Border" punch.  I can see myself using this in a lot of cards and projects!!!

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