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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Velvet Stamping Technique - Technique Page

I know! It's about time I do another technique page.  I have several of them lined up, I just ran out of time over the holidays. But the holidays are now over and I'm digging into my projects and getting stuff done.  It's a great feeling to get things done, isn't it?  My list is very long but I plug along and things eventually do get done and that list gets a little smaller each week. And then of course I have new stuff to add and I'm trying to work on the new stuff within a few days of getting it or the idea so it doesn't sit on the list and get passed up because the holiday or occasion has already happened!!!  I want to be more on the ball this year.  I have a mission in my workroom and that is to get it more organized.  I got lots of great ideas from those of you who left me an organizing comment in the blog candy post earlier this  month.  Can you believe this month is about half over???  The time is already flying.

Ok, lets talk about this technique.  I've posted a photo of a finished piece, not the technique page itself. 

I took a piece of velvet. Now you have to purchase the real thing, not that synthetic stuff.  I had ran across my velvet when I was digging in a cupboard.  I had some really pretty burgundy stuff.  I got the piece all set up and worked the technique only to find it was synthetic and it melted to my iron.  Fortunately I was able to scrape it off without ruining the iron.  I've had this wonderful iron for over 20 years.  It said in the instructions not to use distilled water in it.  I have used tap water in the past and with all the lime it contains it ruined many of my irons. SO even though it said not to use the distilled water I did and the iron performs just as it did the first day I used it!!!  Hmmm, maybe they want you to ruin your iron so you have to purchase a new one a few years down the road???  Oops, got distracted again!! 

Now you know you need an iron for this so I set it to medium setting.  I cut my piece of fabric to the size of the image.  If you do this for a panel for a pillow you will want the fabric cut bigger.  I misted the fabric 3 times and set the velvet side on top of the rubber image.  The rubber image is set on my work surface with the rubber part facing up.  I set the iron on the fabric and counted to six.  I removed it and the image was pressed in the velvet!!! As simple as that and SO pretty!  I have seen this done on pillows and wall quilts and of course on cards.  If you do this on a pillow or quilt please note that if it is washed the images are lost forever.  You can redo them but if it's already sewn onto pillow or made into a quilt it's almost impossible to fix it!  So pay attention to how you are going to use this technique.

It's very simple and very pretty.  In the photo one of the "e's" looks like it didn't get pressed in the velvet.  It did, it's just the way the lighting was hitting it.  I'm going to use this piece of velvet on a card for a St. Patrick's Day birthday in March.  But I'm going to cut the wording on it off.

I have a few more technique pages to make and set #4 will be ready to sell.  Actual pages will be available and also the CD's.  The CD's contain a photo of each technique page for reference and the PDF file of the working on the page.  They are ready to print & trim.  Your customers or technique club members can decorate them and layer them.  They can do the technique and place it on the page.  If you'd like to purchase the pages, please email me to see which ones I still have left.  The CD's are available in my web store. 

Thank you SO much for visiting today!  Have fun with the technique!


Sara Paschal said...

you do a wonderful job on these, love it;)

PepPop said...

Great technique Wanda. I wonder if there's something you could use to set the image permanently... Great for cards though TFS Jaqui x