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Monday, January 31, 2011

Altered Box Weekend Project

 This is a great weekend project.  I SO love altering boxes and notebooks!!  That's pretty much the extent of my altering things. 

This box is actually a recipe box I had gotten last week at my local craft store.  I bought it because of the size.  I knew it would hold my finished greeting cards.  And I figured I could cover the box in decorative paper so it would fit well in my workroom on my ledge (which I'm trying to keep clean!!!).  So this box will be replacing a different
one I had on my ledge.  One that didn't have a cover on it. 

I had made so many cards the past couple of weeks that the box is actually full!!! I covered this box using Springtime Vintage pattern #5 decorative paper that I printed out from the Stampin' Up! download that I purchased.  I LOVE purchasing the downloadable papers!  Once you have them you can print them out anytime you want.  Be sure to print them out at the highest quality your printer will allow and print them on 28# paper or higher.  Better quality for a better look and feel. 

I put the paper on in pieces making sure the edges ended on on the corners.  I covered the edges with the "Dotted Scallop Ribbon" border punch.  On the corners of the lid I added a 1" circle that was folded in half.

The leaves are from the "Two-Step Bird" punch.

And the flowers are from the "Flower, Daisies #2" Sizzix die.  I sponged the flowers in Pretty in Pink and then curled them with the edge of my scissors.  I did rip a few petals when doing this and had to make new flowers. 

It took me over a week to alter this box because I only did a little bit each day.  I was anxious to do the box but I really didn't have time for it so I snuck in a few minutes each day until I got it all done.  It was a fun box to alter, though I did not like having to be so careful cutting around that front latch. Oh and that front latch is SO cool because it actually locks the box shut!  I'm glad I altered the box and I'm glad it's finally done!!  My plans for this box is to have it on my ledge with my new creations in it each month!  Notice how I put a flower on the top of the box too?  That is so I won't pile anything on top of it!!!  LOL

So, find something to alter and have fun with it!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


lisa808 said...

Wanda, this is beautiful! Love the paper you used and the pretty flowers you created. I just saw those boxes yesterday...think I'll have to go back for one now.

Elizabeth said...

wow this is just gorgeous!!! absolutely love it!