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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage Vogue Birthday Card

I'm a bit late in posting today, my day just got away from me.  I was busy making a card and then I'd see something else and the next thing I know I was involved with that.  It would dawn on me that I need to finish my card but I'd see something else and head on over to that.  What's that all about?  It's not that I was bored with my card.  I was having fun making it and the notebook to match.  I guess I'm just easily distracted today!!!  You are not going to believe this but I even got distracted typing up this post!!!  I hope my whole week is not going to be like this.  I won't be getting anything done!!

Ok, let's concentrate and talk about my card for today's post.  It is a very simple card to make.  I used the "Vintage Vogue" set for the flowers.  The "All Holidays" set for the words and the "Sandy Sparkle" small wheel for the black dots.  I did use the "Color Spritzer Tool" on the card for a finer mist of black.

The base of the card is Pretty in Pink.  The layer on top of that is Regal Rose and on top of that is Basic Black.  I tied a ribbon around the Whisper White piece and then taped it in place on top of all the layers. 

It was such a quick and easy card to make that I thought I would make a notebook to match it.  I like the card better because of the ribbon.  I didn't want to add the ribbon around the notebook, it just doesn't hold up well in a purse!  I want to get a jump start on my craft fair items.  I thought I'd make a few notebooks this month and add stuff to the list each month thereafter. 

And that is it. Now honestly, why couldn't I get this typed sooner? I guess it was because this time I only looked at the screen while typing and I wasn't distracted!!  LOL

Thank you for visiting today,


Sara Paschal said...

Wanda both are very pretty;)

Sara Paschal said...

Wanda both are very pretty;)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design. That is the stamp set that I got from you.......... love it, but haven't used it much yet. I like the ideas that you give to us...Thanks.


Amy said...

so cute! Where did you buy your notebooks? Did you just find a pink one and then cover with cardstock but leave part of the original cover showing? It is great for a craft show but I have trouble pricing stuff. If the notebook was $1 plus supplies and time, what do you charge for it?
Sorry for questions. Love your blog, just have been commenting much.