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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! Blog Candy

Well, since I forgot about my Blogoversary and Blog Candy for that I thought I would do something special for my annual New Year's Day Blog Candy. The Blog Candy is this brand new "Create a Cupcake" set for clear blocks. This set will be available for sale on January 4th (my birthday) which is another reason for the Blog Candy!! I will continue to add "stuff" to the mailing package until the 4th when I draw one lucky winner! I will use the random number generator to do this so please number your comments.

SO all you need to do to be entered in this fun Blog Candy is to give me some tips on how to keep my workroom organized. I'd LOVE to show you a picture of my workroom but only AFTER I get it organized!!! It's wall to wall stuff (I have a split entry home so the ledge down here is packed full of stuff, including that dreaded DUST!!! UHH!) I need help!

Only one entry per person
USA & Canadian residents only and good luck!


whitneymaryann said...

Maryann 1 - Okay, Wanda, we're going to need a little help here. Can't make organizational suggestions without knowing just how much we have to help you organize. Our crafting hearts can take it, so get some pics posted. Then . . . just take a deep breath, put a big smile on your face, and go have a cup of Chai tea while you await the arrival of the organizational spirit to actually move you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday & Blogaversary!
I have no craft room and everything I have is in plastic containers. I do organize my DP and CS paper in hanging file folder containers by color. I also have all my scraps organized this way. Keep up the wonderful craft inspirational projects.
Lorraine P. said...

# 1 My favorite organizer is to hang my punches from curtain rods mounted on the wall, I love that wall of punches!

Anonymous said...

I love you blog!! I check it a couple times a day....Keep up the great work!!!

Deb C said...

1. Oh boy! I'm the first person! Those cupcakes are cute...

I've been talking about organization a bit on my blog. My number one tip is to get rid of thongs that don't inspire you anymore. With less stuff, it's easier to keep organized!

Anonymous said...

I keep my copic markers in a pampered chef turnabout, and also my prisma colored pencils.

Wende said...

I love the look of my MS punches hung on rods in my studio, something about those white punches against that hot pink wall, it thrills me!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win,

Mary said...

Mary K. #6 (I think)?? Congrats on you blog anniversary. I have a plastic rolling cart under my table that holds all of my punches and dies, when I need one I just roll it towards me and find what I need! Oh and happy birthday too!! Mary

Dawn said...

hAPPY NEW yEAR! Well, I'm not the most organized person myself, but I have found that if I make a list of certain things to do and only work on one thing at time, it helps and I don't feel so overwhelmed. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I received three 6 foot shelving units from IKEA for my craftroom and I plan to store as many things on the shelves as I can. Set them against one wall and keep everything off the floor.

Happy Birthday & Blogaversary!
Cathy P

Anonymous said...

#11 - not many put a number in their post!

Happy Birthday, Wanda and Happy Blog Anniversary!!!
I was eyeing the cupcake stamp set and I want to say thank you for the chance at winning this; you are a very generous young lady.

I check your blog every day that I am online. I love your beautiful greeting cards that you make.


Anonymous said...

#11 - I forgot an organizational tip!!!!!!

I have a 4 drawer rolling unit where I keep all of my punches. I also have all of my glitter containers in a single clear plastic box with cover on one of my shelves in my closet.


Vonnie said...

I want to first wish you Happy B-day & Blog Anniversary! Woohoo!
I have been buying organizers such as over the door punch holder,a ribbon holder...I have 85 spools of ribbon on it,and some holders to hold my Big Shot dies. Hope this helps.
Good Luck

DebbieG said...

Happy Blogaversary! I have alot organized but I still have too much stuff. I have several plastic rolling drawer units under my table, wide file cabinets that store all my stampsets, a spinning inkpad storage unit to list a few items. Birthday Wishes too!

Shelia said...

Maybe I will learn something from all of the comments left for you. I just commented to another blogger, that I was thinking about taking every thing out of my hubby's monster of a gun safe that is in my hobby room. When I remove all of his non essential items, I will have lots of room for my important "stuff" I could always spray paint it white. And in case of a fire, I don't have to worry about my things getting damaged. *wink*

Kay said...

Happy New Year to Everyone! My favorite organizing tip is to label plastic shoeboxes as to their contents. How exciting for a chance to win such a fun stamp set.Thanks for all you do for us! You are such an inspriration! Hugs Kay

Kathleen Picon said...

I have a very small craft room where I can sit and reach just about everything that I need. When I use something I put it right back. This has really helped to keep my room straightened. I also have all of my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock in hanging file folders on a rolling cart. I put my scraps in the front of the folder when I am thru. One of my favorite pieces that I have everything that I use is on one of those Desktop Carousel. I also have all of my punches on curtain rods right in front so all I have to do is pick one use it and put it back. These are just a few of the hints that I have but the ones that I use most often. Hope it helps. Happy Birthday and Blogaversary. Love your Blog

JenE said...

Happy Blogaversary and Happy Birthday! For me, I keep my paper stacks in a rolling bin, I have 3 rolling plastic cabinets where I store my punches (getting too many now, I'll have to come up w/another storage solution) and inks, and stamps. But the best thing I invested in, wall shelving from Lowes! I have 3 long shelves and need to get some more soon!
Thanks for the chance to win such cute stamps!

Peggy S from OH said...

#11 I keep my embossing powders in little plastic covered containers with the little ice cream sampler spoons and I put in one of those packets of silica jel that comes in new purses, some jackets and even some shoes to keep it from drawing moisture. I've had mine for ages and no problem. Happy Birthday, Wanda!

carol h said...

Happy New Year, and Happy Blogaversary, too!! Loveyour blog, and visit daily. Boy, organization!!!!!! Wish I had some magic answer, for myself too.I try to keep my space clean after each project, to reduce clutter. And, keep as much as I can "in or on" bins or shelfs. Just looks more organized, it really isn't, but it looks better!!
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday & Blogaversary!
I have Elfa Draws from the Container Store for storage. Each draw is labeled. Railngs on the wall for my punches from Ikea. Plastic rolling cart under my table for all my CS and scraps by color. One draw for two colors. Also labeled.
Love that set! Thanks for the chance to win!
Debbie H.

SherryBee said...

I had a blog contest for organization tips, lots of great ideas that way.
I think what works best for me is to keep scraps in the same color package. I also have a box designated just for all various scraps, so, I can just pull something out of there and create with that sometimes.
Best thing for me, really, is just trying to take a few minutes every once in awhile and put things in their place, then, go on...

Anonymous said...

How sweet it is; love the blog candy! I once had a Garfield poster that said "Creativity is not a pretty thing" and "This isn't a desk; it's a land fill." Organization doesn't always remain organized, and what works for one doesn't always work for another. I buy the Iris drawers when they are on sale at Staples and organize according to materials I place in each drawer. I also clearly mark the drawers with PTouch labels . . . markers, punches, stamp pads, ribbon, adhesive, etc. Good luck. Organization is an on-going process. It's the journey, not the destination. Happy New Year!

sockamom13 said...

I think I am #11. I am no organizational wizard but i keep my unmounted rubber stamps in ziploc bags w/a cardboard backing put in them. & then I keep them in a rubbermaid container where they are able to be filed. You could probably use a filing cabinet for this also.

Margie said...

I believe I am #11 to comment. I have some of the stacking drawers that I keep embelishments in. I have a piece of peg board on the wall with ribbon racks. I was fortunate to have a neighbor remodeling their kitchen and I got the cabinets to store paper, big shot, dies, etc. If my room is still messy and someone comes to visit, I just shut the door.

Anonymous said...

#11 It is hard to know what number to list my post as. I noticed there are 2 number ones and not everyone numbered theirs. Anyway I noticed I was the eleventh post so ....

Anyway I think getting organized is one thing staying organized is another. I would have to say one of the important things to do is just find a place/box/file/tub for things, label them, and make sure you put supplies back in there when you are finished with them. Otherwise no matter how organized you were to start you won't be when you're finished. Thanks for a chance to win.
Another Wanda

Holly said...

#11 Holly
I have a small multi functional room that also is my craft room. Space is limited so I've used as much wall space as I can! Old cassette holder (100 spaces) I use for my inkpads. Shower caddy hanging on wall for all my ribbons, card boxes to store my embossing folders, and currently I'm working on unmounting my wooden stamps and am going to store them in categories in a 3 ring binder. Hope this helps

scrapnhawaii said...

I have one organization tip that works wonderfully. Once I stopped doing this, of course, everything was a mess!!

after you create a project, use up all the scraps of paper (hey, they already match!) to make sets of little tags, mini cards or regular cards for gift giving. When all the scraps are used, put away your tools and wa-la, your desk is ready for another project!!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday & Blogaversary, Wanda. I love your blog. My tip for organization (which I don't follow) is to always clean up after you are finished with your supplies!

jperr said...

Wanda I love your blog.Happy blog anniversary and happy birthday.
I use a Brother label maker to label all my containers.I also removed all my stamps from the wood and I store them in empty cd cases.Have a great birthday on Tuesday.
Jocelan P

Linda White said...

Haha, if you saw my stamping room, you would not want me to answer that question. I do have to stop and just put things away sometimes. probably best thing would be to finish what you start and then clean up!!! I have alot of trouble with that one though!!!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Wanda. I hope and pray that God blesses you abundantly this year.

Thanks for sharing with us your many talents and your generosity with blog candy.

Looking forward to all the wonderful things you will share with us this year.


Julie Beckert said...

Happy Birthday and blogaversary! When you figure out what to do please help me I am in desperate need of help!

Wanda said...

I have my punches in an over the door rack and love it that way (but I do love the towel racks too for these, but did not want to do that to my room at the time) - and I love using thee cabinets that have doors and drawers on them to keep dust away from everything inside. I purchased them with a 40% coupon at ACMoore's and they also have them at Michael's. You can get the wheels to keep them on too and that's terrible when you want to move it. Good luck in your organization of your room. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

lisa808 said...

Happy New Year & Happy (early) Birthday!

Over the Thanksgiving w/e I bought nine Jetmax cubes at M's. It has really helped me get a bit more organized. Wish I had room for more of them!

Jilly said...

Am I #11 or #7???? 11 by total comments ... but 6 was last number "listed". Perhaps I need to organize your comments for ya! Ha! I'm an organizing fool ... constantly looking for a better way. My extra large punches are hanging on the back of my door in a shoe organizer; the ones with pockets. A little clothes pin holds a punched out sample of what punch is in the pocket. Good organization is great but ya gotta label things or else you waste a lot of time on a hunt. Happy Double B day! (blog and birth).
Jilly <><

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blogaversary New Year Wanda!!! My studio is not very organized either. I am hoping to get many tips from the comments here. I do have a few things that work well for me though. One of them was to punch all colors of cardstock with round tab punch,folding & stapling to sponges.Ikeep them in a huge jar.Another was, I bought a "gutter" @ home depot, cut into 4 pcs. nailed to the wall, and it holds most of my ribbon spools. Good luck! Thanks for the inspiration!! Pamela Vega

Anonymous said...

Wanda, I have one of the tall heavy metal carts that are used in a cafeteria. It has a lot of tubs you can slide in and out, very sturdy holds lots of the heavy punches and more.

C.Good said...

CONGRATS to you!!!! I love to save my Oatmeal containers to put pencils and pens in. I bought up old suitcases and used them for all my embellishments another thing I love to use for storage is old hat boxes. Happy Birthday!

Debby said...

I think I am #11 my organizing tip is to get the wall canvas shoe holders. I have two of them and they hold my punches, even can fit several in one pouch if they are small.
My area needs to be organized again as with Mom here and moving things around to get her settled it has really played havoc on my crafting area.
angel hugs

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Wanda;)

It took Liz and myself a day to get my space re done. I guess I would have to say put everything away with what you have worked on. That way it is not in your way when you come back to your space.

Shauna said...

Curtain rods to hang your punches on to make them easily accessible! Most people get these from IKEA.

Thank you for the opportunity to win and Happy Birthday!!!

Kristi Kelly said...

I would love to win the stamp set. I don't have that one. Love your site!

Babe O'Mara said...

Well I do what some others have said. I have a shoe organizer on the back of my craft room door. It's got clear pockets and I keep my punches in it. I keep my glitter in the small plastic clam shell containers with a little spoon from Baskin-Robbins (you know for tasting). That way I'm all set up for applying the glitter to my project. Thanks for a chance to win a great stamp set. I'd love to win it.


Anonymous said...

Well who knows what number I am, but the site said there were 44 comments so that should make me #45 I hope. I have an armoir that the doors open on the top and bottom filled with my paper in stackable letter trays and several 3 drawer plastic bins that I keep my stamps in. It is veey neet cause I can close the doors and no one sees the mess!!
Linda Cloer

Traci Davis said...

Happy Birthday (and thanks for the reminder, my girlfriends birthday is the 4th also) and Happy Blogiversary! I am a total neatnic so I keep everything behind closed doors. I use my old bedroom furniture, the dresser to store stamp sets and armoire to store paper. I have a small CD unit in the closet that I use to hold punches so they are easily accessible but behind closed doors when I'm not crafting. I have a homemade contraption (dowels hanging from ribbon) that holds my ribbon spools. Hat boxes house embellishments and jars of embossing powder and baskets hold magazines. Two slim dining tables are my work surface and also hold my "tools" like Cricut and it works for me!

ThreadCatcher said...

Happy Blogaversary and Happy Birthday! I have a photo storage box for all my 6x6 paper packs. I split the pack by color and all those sheets are put into a wax paper bag for sandwiches with the color name on it. Alphabetical front to back. Smaller pieces go right back in the bag. Also have bags for 6x6 and smaller pieces from DSP packs with colors in pack listed on the front. Use them so much more once I did this. Good luck! jmniffer

Noreen said...

#45 - I have plastic containers & lovely decorative boxes to store everything. The problem is that it doesn't get stored back away. It's a New Years' resolution.

Patti said...

I think #44
I have a numbered list of all my stamps sets and which shelf they are located on IE 1 Abundant Hope (cling) on shelf A2. I have a bonder with a picture of the set and where it is located. If I am looking for a theme I know whre to go. I also have all my Christmas sets together labeled the same way. All SU large background stamps are in a bookshelf sideways and labeled.
Other lists include
Cuttlebug, big shot, quickutz dies
Spellbinders dies
SU cardstock and DP
DCWV precut cards and the coordinating SU colors
Since I buy from online auction sites these lists help me not by doubles.
My goal this year is to actually use the stuff!!!!!

patti Moffett

Patti said...

I think #44
I have a numbered list of all my stamps sets and which shelf they are located on IE 1 Abundant Hope (cling) on shelf A2. I have a bonder with a picture of the set and where it is located. If I am looking for a theme I know whre to go. I also have all my Christmas sets together labeled the same way. All SU large background stamps are in a bookshelf sideways and labeled.
Other lists include
Cuttlebug, big shot, quickutz dies
Spellbinders dies
SU cardstock and DP
DCWV precut cards and the coordinating SU colors
Since I buy from online auction sites these lists help me not by doubles.
My goal this year is to actually use the stuff!!!!!

patti Moffett

Anonymous said...

#45 Cathie G/Maryland - Here's my favorite tip: Use a Stampin' Up clear case to hold 2 sets of new style border & corner punches. Place the border punches along the short sides with the punch opening facing out. Then place the two corner punches with the punch openings facing out for a perfect fit!

Maria H. said...

45 maybe? The numbers are all off I think. I would have to second the curtain rods for the punches! I have 2 long rods full and they make me smile! A for the dust-just ignore it! That seems to be what happens here...
Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sakas said...

This topic showed 44 comments aready made so I should be #45! :)
Luv the candy! I keep my staps in their original cases in file boxes by source (Ex. SU CTMH, TAC,). I have an inventory spreadsheet that shows what box they're in. The box is also labeled with source name. I can sort my spreadsheet by keywords I enter in a column titled description, or by name, or source. HTH

CM2 said...

The number of comments shows 53
I guess that makes 54 with me!
I'm in the same boat as you,
Organizing is what I want to do!
The best thing that I have done so far is to make plastic pouch holders for my cuttlebug die sets that arr fitted to a contact covered box which makes them easy to see! I've also measured and written the sizes on the individual dies for easier use! Happy birthday and Happy New Year, too!


StampinCathy said...

Happy Blogaversary and Happy Birthday! You are so sweet to your reader to have this fun and creative candy.
Some of my tips are:

I put by paper colors and some by family colors.

I use drawers that I label for chipboard, buttons, eyelets.

Hope this helps. I need to be more organized myself.