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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Greeting Card Kids Valentine's Day Card

I don't have very many current Valentine's Day Stampin' Up! sets, so I thought I'd play with the "Greeting Card Kids" set again.  I have used every image in this set (set of 4) except for the one with the two school kids on it.  And I am going to challenge myself to use it some how, even if I have to hunt on the web for a sample and copy it!!!  It isn't very often that I use every card in a set and I really should try to use them all.

So, onto my card for today.  I didn't plan the colors very well. I wanted the dress to be red, which it is but the heart needed to be red and it doesn't show up very clear because of the dress.  UGH!!! Plan your colors first.  I had colored in the skin and then the red bow in her hair.  Next I colored in the dress and was liking it until I got to the heart!  Oh well.  I'll make the mistakes here and show you what NOT to do!!!  LOL  But what other color could the dress have been to blend in with the red and white theme here????

And this card layout (or sketch).  I LOVE it.  I had made a card one time at one of Sue's events and this was the layout that was used.  I kept the card, even though the paper and images on it have been retired for a LONG time now.  I guess I'll get rid of that card and keep this one as the layout sample! 

To make this card you need to cut your card stock in half on the short side of the 8-1/2" x 11" sheet.  What I do is fold it in half and then cut away
the front piece.  For my front piece I had a piece of scrap paper from the "Love Impressions" decorative paper pack and I just measured it, added 1/4" and cut the front of the card.  I had cut off 2-7/8".  That piece of red was cut to frame the white piece the girl was stamped on, so that piece doesn't go to waste! 

For the image piece I usually cut my piece the same size as the block the stamp is mounted on.  One it makes it easier to line up and if the image is mounted correctly the stamped image should come out in the center of the piece!  Even when using clear mount blocks I will center my image on the block (whenever possible).  I want to make things easier for me!

When I was all done coloring the image piece I taped the layer on. Then I taped the left side of the layers and set them in place on top of the flap piece.  This layer piece is centered on the card so I just held the flap down and lined up the image piece and pressed the side onto the flap.  It's a very easy card to make if you fold the card in half first.  If you decide to just cut the card stock first you will need to cut it around 8" long and then I would score t at the 5-1/2" mark and fold it.  This would be great for a piece of card stock that wasn't quite 11" long.  But seriously, it's so much easier to just fold the piece in half and cut off the front flap to the size you need.  It's a great way to use up pieces of decorative paper you have laying around.  Or if you are participating in a swap that calls for decorative paper, you can sure get a lot of these little strips out of one sheet of the paper!

Such a fun layout and I do like the card except for the heart and dress blending into each other!

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Anonymous said...

just wondering... how big is the little girl stamp? I haven't seen it and love it, but kind of would like to know the size first.
cat s

Sara Paschal said...

She is really cute;)

Mary said...

a pink dress!