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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day Card Game

Remember last month I had made a Christmas card with this concept? You can see that card by clicking here. I made this one with that very card in mind. My card was for the Stamp Share Card Challenge yesterday. The challenge was to make a card using the Stampin' Up! Sweet Treat Cups. Either the round or the heart. I had both and I was going to do the heart and use the word "love" on the inside and punch holes around the letters for the beads to fall in but the more I thought about it the more I was having problems envisioning it. SO I scrapped that and went with the round. I don't know how a ladybug came to mind but it did and this is what I ended up with. It looks like it's defying the laws of gravity! I took a picture of the card sitting on the floor. I wanted to show the beads and the dots at the same time. If I'd taken a photo of it sitting up all the beads would be at the bottom of the cup and that looked odd too. But not quite as odd as this!! I never said this was a "normal" blog, did I? LOL

It was a VERY fun card to make too! It's not just a card but a game too! I wanted to do it in red but I didn't have any current red decorative papers. SO I took this paper from the new 6" x 6" paper pack and went with the Ruby Red colors. They worked just fine.

First I cut all of my papers. I set the layers in place so I knew what I was looking at. Then I had to decide where I wanted the lady bug. I punched a hole in a piece of scrap paper and set that piece on top of my decorative paper to know where I wanted that hole to go. I traced around that circle and then punched out my circle. I set the paper over the cup and set it on top of my Ruby Red layer. I carefully removed the decorative paper while keeping the cup in place. I then traced around the cup so I knew where it would go when it was time to take the tape off and set it in place (permanently!!! - keep that word in mind when you are working with those cups!) After tracing that circle I removed the cup and drew a pencil line to mark the center. I took the Basic Black marker and a ruler and went over that line a couple of times until it was at a thickness I liked. I took the pencil and made the dots to be punched out. After I punched the dots out and set the Ruby Red card stock back in place the holes were white so I took the pencil and marked where they were. I took my black marker and colored over those pencil marks to the dots would appear to be black. Once I did that I was much happier with the look. Then I began to tape the layers together.

First I taped the Ruby Red card stock to the Whisper White. Then I took the Sweet Treats Cup and took off the tape. I set the beads in place and then the cup over them. I taped on the decorative paper and was then ready to finish up the ladybug along with the rest of the card.

I punched out a 1" circle using a piece of scrap paper. I took the other scrap circle I had and set it on top of the 1" circle. I eyed how big I wanted the head of the ladybug to be. I marked it and cut it out with a scissors. Punching that arch wouldn't work so cutting by hand had to be the way to go. When I got it to the size I thought looked good with the body size I then cut that size out of the Basic Black card stock.

Then I took the 1/4" circle punch and punched out two black circles for the ends of the antenna. The scary part was drawing in the antenna with the Basic Black marker. If I ruined it I'd have to start over. I wish those thoughts wouldn't enter my head the minute the marker goes on the paper! It happens every time too! Why Do I do that? But I just went ahead and it turned out just fine. I taped the little circles in place at the end of the antenna.

And finally I made the heart. I just couldn't leave the card as it was, it looked too plain above the ladybug. SO I punched out the "Love You Much" words from the Stampin' Up! "Well Scripted" set using the large heart punch. I sponged the edges of that heart. Next I punched out two 1-1/4" circles from Ruby Red card stock. Then I punched out two scalloped circles over the 1-1/4" hole. I clipped the circle and opened up the scallop so I could glue it to the back of the heart. A scalloped heart punch would be SO helpful here!!! But you make do with what you have and sometimes it actually works out! I set it in place with Dimenionals. And that was it! Pretty simple just a little time consuming.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

That is adorable!

Deb Neerman said...

This is fab! The ladybug is so cute and clever, Wanda!!

Diane said...

Sweet idea!!! Beautiful once again!

Anonymous said...

Love your card! I like ladybugs, as long as they are not real... LOL


Kelly d said...

Wand you are so talented and creative! You need to enter this into SU!s Wow contests.