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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The New Sizzix Milk Carton Die Cut!

WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how THRILLED I was when I saw that Stampin' Up! is offering a milk carton die cut!!! I LOVE making milk cartons and filling them with "stuff!" I didn't enjoy having to cut and score them but I did like to make them. I have lots of fun things planned for this die cut. Some I have made already but will not be posting on here yet. I am going to be demoing them at the end of the month at the Stamp Share and then I will post them on here.

For today's post I made the milk carton using white card stock. It's filled with "love!" And Red Hots!! LOL I used the "Heart's O Plenty" wheel and Real Red ink. Those little hearts on that wheel are just the perfect size for this milk carton. I did stamp the hearts before I cut the milk carton out. Before I assembled it I cut out the circle for the window. You can use a 1" circle punch for that. But in doing this you will need to fold up the bottom flap and punch though it and the side of the milk carton. The only drawback in doing that is you will now have a circle cut out at the bottom of the carton. You could fold the flaps in so it doesn't show but you really want to fold that flap in last so you have a smooth front to your milk carton. Adding the heart punched border like I did hides the bottom edge.

After the hole is punched I covered it on the inside with a piece of acetate. Wheel that was drying I punched a 1" hole in a piece of scrap Real Red card stock. Then I took the 1-1/4" circle punch, lined it up over the 1" hole and punched out a ring to place on the window opening. The front just needed something more. Without the window it looks a bit plain.

Next you can tape or glue the carton together. I opted for the glue. Then I added the strips of the heart punched border to the top and bottom of the carton. Then I filled the carton with Red Hots. I glued one side shut on the top and the other side I used a half a small glue dot. I wanted it shut but not permanently. Removable tape wasn't strong enough to keep it shut. If I were making these for a craft fair I would probably use a few tiny dots of glue to hold it shut. Just enough to keep it shut but still be easy enough to open.

Looking at it all closed up I thought it could use something else. But what? A ribbon or a bow would look out of place on it. Oh and it did. I did tie a bow and well, let's say I was just TOO ugly to even take a photo of it on there!

I thought I would play with the "I (Heart) Hearts" stamp set. There is a cute "Love" stamp in it. I stamped it four times and cut each one out by hand. I do need to buy a small heart punch!!! After I cut them out I glued them in place on the carton. I started out with the three on the top part of the carton but it left the bottom part asking for something more. I was going to add the 4th "Love" I had cut out but it was too small in contrast for that window. I tried one of the new red corduroy buttons but it blended in too much and got lost. I needed something white! I got out a white jumbo brad and I had to cut the prong off to about 1/4" long. I folded them back into the back of the brad and stuck it on the carton using a pop up glue dot. Now this is something you will want to do BEFORE you put the box together. I had nothing to press the glue dot against when I pressed it in place. The box bent a bit adding it. Then I stuck the "Love" on using Crystal Effects. I have taped card stock to these brads but it doesn't stick for long. It does stick but not permanently. With the Crystal Effects I know it's not going anywhere.

And there you have it! And adorable milk carton ready to give to your Valentine! Isn't it SO cute? Like I said, I have lots of things I'm making with this die and I'll be sharing them with you so stay tuned!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Vicky said...

Dang it Wanda!! tell the truth... WHO do you work for!!!! I AM NOT buying this die cut!!!!! That' what I said Wanda!!!! I WAS NOT going to buy this dies cut!! Tehn what do you go and do!!! MAKE ME BUY THIS DIE CUT!!!!!! I'll tell you I have bought more die cuts after seeing what you do with them!!!
All in fun! love this creation! great job!
thanks for sharing,

Unknown said...

Wanda...I sware....the creative juices just ooooooooze out of you.
There is just no stopping it.

LOVE this weeks creations....and of course EVERYTHING you've done in the past too.

Hugs, Katie H-R

Cherie said...

Wanda, That is just too darn cute! I'm with Vicky.............I keep saying I'm not going to buy anymore stuff right now & here you come with another great project! groan :) TFS!