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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memory Box Photo Holder

Ever been skeptical about something you're told in regards to stamping? I saw these cute "Memory Boxes" on a few blogs and everyone was stating how they took less than a half hour to do. I thought the boxes were adorable but was SO skeptical on the half hour thing. SO what did I do? I set the notion of making one aside and did something else. The thought of that box in a half hour kept bugging me and I decided to give it a try. It is true my friends, a half hour more or less. More or less is determined on how much you want to embellish it. Now if you are actually going to use these for your photos and store them you may want to go less on the embellishments. It's less things for the boxes to get caught on when you slide the next one in place.

I thought it was a great idea. You can store your photos in the boxes if you don't scrapbook and even if you you scrapbook you can store them in the boxes until you are ready to use them. Or just store the extra ones you don't want to put in your books. You can go to Gina K. Designs - Stamp TV and download the free box and a Journaling Card for the inside of the box to tell those who view it's contents who, what, when and where.

Remember when making these that the PDF file you download is a print out and not the actual size of the box. It's a template. The PDF file for the Journaling Card prints out four cards per page. I cut one off the page and affixed it to a piece of matching card stock and inserted it inside the box. I don't have any Valentine's Day photos yet but when I do they will be going into that box until I am ready to scrapbook them or they will just remain in the box nice and safe and all together!

I do plan to make many more of these boxes. I have lots of photos that need sorting and to have a date and names with them is a GREAT start!

Isn't this a pretty box? I used the Stampin' Up! "Sending Love" specialty paper (again). I just can't get enough of this paper. I used the "Heart to Heart" punch and Pretty in Pink card stock. I tied the top part with a piece of 1/4" grosgrain ribbon. I taped the hearts in place except for the center one. I used a brad to hold it in place. I need it to keep the lid of the box shut. And that is about all there is to this box. Yup, under a half hour and fun too!!

Now I'm off to get my messy workroom cleaned up for my stamping gals tomorrow. If they ever knew what a mess this room was before they came to stamp they would be picking their jaw up off the floor! LOL I don't like to clean up after myself anymore when it comes to crafting. I just like to move onto the next project.

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Diane said...

Oh so lovely! I love these,will have to try it one day!
I hear ya on cleaning the stamp room,I think we find our stuff better when it is messy,lol!

Unknown said...

I have not seen these, going to bookmark the link you have and put it on my to do list;)