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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sending Love Speciality Paper Header

Here is a very quick and easy project for you to make for any of your friends, male or female! And it's a project that kids can help with too.

I bought some Brach's Jube Jel Cherry Hearts and put them in a pretzel bag that I had left over from Christmas. Ok, they were not exactly left over. I didn't get around to making the dipped pretzels this year. But I did have all the stuff for them! It's not like the baggies would go to waste, I could use them next Christmas but the problem there for me is where I put them! SO I thought I would use them in some Valentine's Day and hopefully Easter projects!

I wasn't sure at first where I was going with the bag header but after I punched out a heart I knew then how big I needed to make the header. I cut the paper 2-3/4" x 4-1/2". I folded it in half on the long side.

I added some candy hearts to the baggie. I did have to cut the baggie off a bit, I didn't want to fill it all the way, it looked silly like that. And folding the baggie over and over at the top was too bulky for the header. SO was best to cut it off. I stapled it shut using one staple though the decorative paper. When I staple headers I like to make it so the smooth flat side of the staple is on the back side of the header. It's easy enough to hide the bumps of the prongs on the staple with what ever you are embellishing it with. And Dimensionals help with this too. I do this with the staple because that way I am assured that no one will get poked from a wild prong. Safety first, especially if it something that may end up in the hands of children.

Now for the hearts. I stamped the word "Love you Much" from the Stampin' Up! I (Heart) Hearts set. I the punched out the heart and sponged the edges in red. I set it on top of the header and it still needed something more. SO I punched out a pink heart and set it behind the white heart and it gave it a nice dimension.

I left the photo sideways here because flipping it upright made it look even funnier. Plus it made it look smaller, this way you can see it closer. Click on the photo to see it closer, you'll even be able to see the pretty glitter on this beautiful paper.

This is a project that you can whip out pretty fast. There are other baggies out on the market you can use too, I just had these on hand and knew they were for food products.

It's another great teachers gift that even the kids can help you with! A wonderful office co-worker gift too! You can have lots of fun making these and even more fun giving them out!

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Diane said...

Cute project Wanda!!!