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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I (Heart) Hearts Valentine's Day Card

I was experimenting with this card. My intentions with this card was to make the heart window have a scallop around it. There is no heart scallop punch in my drawers so I thought I could make a scallop. And I did!

To make this card I first took a half sheet of Whisper White card stock and folded it in half. Then I punched out a heart on scrap paper. I did this because I wanted to trace it on the top inside of the card. I did this because one side of the punch leaves some raw edges showing that I don't care much for. SO I traced the heart and then punched it out.

Next I took a piece of Real Red card stock and punched out a 1-3/8" circle and the took the Scallop Circle punch, lined it up with the circle and punched it out. I made two of them like that. I cut the punched out scallop to open it. I then straightened it out. To do this without ripping the ring you need to hold the scallops as you straighten them. Take the ring piece and put one scallop between your thumb and forefinger and then take the scallop next to it and put it between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. Push the scallops towards each other until they form a straight line. Move to the next two scallops and repeat this. Straighten the scallops all the way across to the end. Now do this with the other scallop ring.

Take a little glue and place it on a piece of scrap paper. I used a toothpick to put the glue on each scallop. I did it 3 to 4 scallops at a time. You don't want to do them all at once it may get on areas of your card you don't want it to. I started where the ribbon meets the heart, meaning my seam (one of them) is under the ribbon. Slowly work your way around the heart. At the top I actually cut the scallop and set the next scallop on top positioning it until it looked like it belonged there. I didn't allow it to overlap the previous scallop too much. I wanted to keep that inset point defined. When I got to the bottom of the heart I again cut the piece off. I did have to trim it a bit to keep it looking uniform.

Once I was done with the scallop I tied the ribbon on. I used the new Real Red Satin ribbon. Isn't it pretty?

I thought the card could use just a little something more so I took the three heart image from the Stampin' Up! "I (Heart) Hearts" set. And I am showing you what happened when I stamped it on the card stock. The top part of the little heart got ink on the edge and it transferred to the card when I stamped it. UGH!!! You can click on the second photo to see that mark closer. I didn't want to redo the whole card and I did NOT like how it looked on there. I took the small "Love" stamp from the set and stamped the image on a piece of scrap card stock. Actually I stamped it on the heart shaped piece from punching the card! I then punched it out with the new small heart punch. I set it over that mark on the card using a Dimensional. Now no one will know it's there unless they saw this post on my blog! And after I cleaned the stamp I trimmed it so this won't happen again.

For the inside of the card I closed the card and traced the heart. It was not perfectly round because of the ribbon but it didn't need to be. I just needed to know where the majority of the heart is. I used my Stamp-a-ma-jig to get the words lined up nicely. These fabulous words are from the Stampin' Up! "Well Scripted" set. A very wonderful set I am loving to use! And that was pretty much it for the card! Pretty simple really. The scallop takes a little time to do, not much but it's SO worth it! And it sure did add a lot to the heart window, didn't it?

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

What a pretty card!

Diane said...

Great scalloped punch you did there! Very pretty V-Card!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful scallop window card, the new sentiment stamp is wonderful!

carol h said...

Great card. I so enjoy looking at your blog every day. Its usually my first stop. Your creations are just beautiful and I love your style. TFS

NeedsARibbon said...

I really like the layout of this card. Really!